A different post.

Lately, I have been assisting the Anarchist Operation Blueism expose some statist communists for the doxxers, predators and terrorist supporters they are. Today,as Max has posted it on our Facebook group but I feel it deserves to be upon the website also. There is no illegal content in the files, for everyones safety, but please, please spread the word. We need to stop these people.


Hello RPR!

Hello Red Pill Religion. I am Harmsius (aka the Gaytheist AnCap), A Libertarian Anarchist who is both atheist and a homosexual but also a defender against Anti-Theism. I will be posting interesting videos on the subjects of religion and politics (you have my word, I won’t be bashing religion) that I find interesting, sometimes with my side notations. Anyways,  tis an honor to be trusted by the founding mothers and fathers of RPR to be allowed to post upon here, and I hope we can have fun together. Time to publish this and find my first video! Good bye for now RPR.