Tonight we’ll focus on specific evidence for the Christian faith—the Shroud of Turin. And we’ll also focus on similar scientifically-tested artifacts, like Our Lady of Guadalupe. We should have fun with any claims that these are “Not Evidence.”

Double champs, Andrew Stratelates and Joshua Brister

Great job to @AStratelates for having such a great debate/discussion with atheist philosopher, @NickSoutter. The double champs, including @apologi_supreme, will be doing a 2 vs 2 debate Friday, 4/12, at 9 PM EST on Christianity vs Atheism.

Also look forward to many more debates in April and May with Andrew and Josh.

After show of debate/discussion that I had with Dan Barker of FFRF.

this was a great summary and discussion of the debate that I had with Dan Barker. I encourage you to watch. Dan Barker is/was the president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I’m sure you’ll find my debate with Dan to be very lively.

Debate: Joshua Brister vs Dan Barker of the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Watch this contentious and heated debate between our own Joshua Brister, @apologi_supreme On Twitter, and Dan Barker, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. There were definitely fireworks and Dan Barker even abruptly left the discussion.