A Response From Christians Smeared by Sargon Of Akkad’s “Jokes”

Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, has recently made a kindly video somewhat defending Christians. As we have had multiple run-ins with him here at Red Pill Religion, I have left him the following comment, and am posting this here and sending it to people I know to know Mr. Benjamin:

Sargon: As Christians (and friends to Christians) we thank you for your recent softening towards Christians. But you know and we know full well you’ve been a complete shit to SPECIFIC Christians for a long time, including being a complete shit to the Red Pill Religion team, on the air, and laughing and mocking and not letting us represent who we really were honestly. Mocking and bullying us from your platform, misrepresenting us, and giving us no fair shot at answering the garbage you were saying about us and about others who were religious.

If you are really serious and want to NOT be enemies anymore with Christians, will you PLEASE finally talk to us instead of mocking, belittling, and twisting us? We’re willing to let water under the bridge and all that, but seriously: people have been hurt by you guys and your friends for the crime of being Christian and you know it. Show you really mean it: bring us on and talk with some of the people you’ve been rude and nasty to, let Christians speak in defense of themselves in your presence. Have us and some other people on. It would be a real show of good faith.
God bless and let us know.