Max Dean Esmay Resigns as Head of Red Pill Religion

I have been meaning to write this post for some time: Some months ago, during the summer of 2019, on the air I announced a few times that I was stepping down as head of Red Pill Religion. I have turned operations over to Andrew Strateletes and the crew, including Arran Thompson, Oda St. Oda, Jean Baptiste, and others who were with us on the original “Escaping Atheism” project from the beginning. I no longer am active in daily operations, though I will continue to work on occasional streams or articles here.

I could go on at length about the many smears, lies, personal attacks, and dirty tricks played on me and my family by the Atheist Community, and how I made a few mistakes here and there losing my temper but have made my apologies to God and anyone who deserved an apology. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful for the RPR team, and very pleased with the work we did exposing and disrupting the Hate Movement known as Atheism on the Internet.

Please look for me to publish occasionally here, and also on Celia Farber’s Truth Barrier. Max is not gone, Max is just focusing on other things, and turning leadership over to others.

I never wanted to lead. I always wanted to just be part of things. I’m looking forward to sitting back and just being part of things in the background again.

God bless and thank you all for your support. Ave Maria.