Finders Cult “Conspiracy Theory” Is Real

This weekend, the FBI dropped a truly scandalous document, that you can bet will hardly be spoken of at all in “respectable” circles of Conservatism Inc. — people like Daily Wire, Daily Beast, National Review, etc. because these are controlled outlets. Indeed, the stuff should be screaming Monday Morning headlines, but isn’t.

The only ones to cover the amazing drop, so far, is the Taiwanese-owned Epoch Times, which is run by some sort of Evangelical Christian Chinese family, and is often savaged by the rest of the Mainstream press (you can decide if they are Mainstream or not, I like them better than ANY “American” paper):

FBI Releases Information on the ‘Finders,’ a Secretive Group Accused of Child Sex Abuse.

This should be making screaming headlines everywhere. It isn’t. For the actual documentation you’ll find it here:

(Please note, that is the FBI’s web site)

Now, what is this? Amongst other things, it is proof that one of the biggest “Nutty Conspiracy Theories” of the last 30 years or so is True. How deep it goes is another question, but from this documentation alone, we know the government, and the press, colluded to lie about the Finders Cult for the last 3+ decades. Semi-independent YouTube conservative Mark Dice tweeted this salacious part (there’s more obviously):

…but otherwise, dead silence in Right Wing Land, and Left Wing Land, including ALL the supposed “Conservative” and “Liberal” not one of which can be trusted as far as you can throw them in my book. Needless to say, “mainstream” outlets were and are also mum.

Now, as you may know I’m a sex abuse survivor, and was involved as a victim with a pedo ring in Chicago. You also probably know I spent years doing advocacy for advocates of same, male ones in particular.
What you may also remember, if you are old enough, is that in the 1990s in particular we were treated to a series of articles and stories ll throughout the mainstream press–BTW, including the “Conservative” press–that “moral panic” and “hysteria” were behind any idea that there were any Satanic death rituals or cults to be found anywhere in America–any time, anywhere. You can find nothing much about it at all online anymore, though here’s a reasonably recent, if obscure article, that may lead you to remember when we were all told by the FBI and nationwide mainstream media that only paranoid religious nuts believed this stuff:

Now what has just come to our attention is that during the Vice Presidency and Presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, and the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, the government and the media told us a massive whopper of a lie: there are no Satanic death cults, no blood rituals involving murdering children.

They colluded to lie.

For decades.

Had me convinced, I can tell you, since the pedos I ran into appeared to be the more garden variety freaks (thank God) and not actual Satanists. They just wanted to f*ck children, not kill and eat them.

But people in the FBI and the CIA do like doing things like that to children, it turns out. And have for decades. The Finders Cult has been talked about by “Conspiracy Theorists” since the 1970s. This week, we find out they existed.
You asked me about Pizzagate: that is a currently raging “Conspiracy Theory.” Pizzagate is large. Pizzagate is vast. Pizzagate comes from Wikileaks. Pizzagate is part of why Julian Assange is on trial right now.

Pizzagate, amongst other things, implicates George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack and Michelle Obama, the entire Clinton Foundation, and friends such as John McCain and John Kerry, in being directly involved in child sex traficking, the traficking in child body parts (including but not limited to aborted baby parts), and ritual sex abuse murder and cannibalism. And children for cash for all this–run through the National Center for MIssing and Exploited Children, which appears to be in reality the Clinton Foundation’s main front for child traficking. You know, these were the same people who put the kids on the milk cartons when we were younger. (None of those kids were ever found BTW, none of them).

Oh, needless to say, CIA and FBI were already implicated, along with these high political figures.

Some of the other figures are still in the Congress.

Now, the involvement of Mr. Trump is gray. Indeed, it appears that his administration has been, slowly but surely, working to unearth much of this. The Jeffrey Epstein affair is almost certainly directly related–and notice how our Conservative(TM) and Progressive(TM) press pretty much dropped the Epstein affair along with everyone else? All the above-named persons spent much time on his Kiddie Island.

Now what to make of all this, other than to vomit and accept that massive conspiracies really do happen and can involve the highest levels of government and decades of coverup involving thousands of people…
…and that we’ve been ruled by elite pedophiles for much of our lives?
Is that too much to swallow? OK. It’s what I think. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Much of this appears to involve Nazis we brought over here after WWII for example.

Your Deep State AND your elected officials have been traficking in children and body parts for decades. The press has been colluding. It’s all being done by Secret Society members–Secret Societies that run our Intelligence services. If you look into the history of all our intelligence services, they were all started by Secret Society members. Well, who better to set up your secret spy organization, anyway?

Do I think Mr. Trump is going good things in this regard? Yes, and for this alone I may support him. But when people ask me if I love my country and my system of government… hmm.

Like I said, as a survivor this is hard for me. What’s harder is realizing, how much of what they told us was lies. They lied, and they lied big, and–THEY CONTINUE TO LIE.

Our “Conservative(TM)” and “Liberal(TM)” and much of our “Independent(TM)” press is as phony as the “Mainstream(TM).”

Which media source do you trust and why do you trust it? It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves, increasingly.

Author: Max D

Max D. of Michigan is a past rabble-rouser now pursuing less provocative pursuits.

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