Max & Mischa – What Atheism Really Is In 2019

Atheism is a movement that wants to convert your children to their ideology. It is tied closely to an ideological movement calling itself “Skepticism” and something called “Rationalism,” often purporting to be advocates of “Science” and “Making the world a better place.”

Professional Atheists named: TJ Kirk, Penn Jillette, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Carrier, Cult of Dusty, Brett Keane (former), Skyler Fiction, The Non-Sequitur Show, Michael Shermer, others.

The New Atheist Denial of History by Professor Borden W. Painter Jr.

Storming the Heavens: the Soviet League of the Militant Atheists by Daniel Peris


Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism by Paul Vitz

Interview with Borden W. Painter Jr.


About Borden Painter

About Professor Borden Painter, Jr

Martyred in the USSR

Conservapedia pages:

Interview with Brett Keane on Internet Atheism History


Atheist Republic – Atheism cult site’s Wall of Stupidity and Hate Propaganda (to seduce the young and gullible)


Top Atheist cult group, well-funded Freedom from Religion Foundation


Freedom from Atheism Foundation Wall of Hate From Atheists

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Author: Max D

Max D. of Michigan is a past rabble-rouser now pursuing less provocative pursuits.

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