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Max & Oda St. Oda: The Results of the European Elections

A political Earthquake hits Europe. Join Oda St. Oda, a native of Belgium, as we look at the major changes facing Europe, and what it means for the religious population! European elections 2019…

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James Bishop & Max The Science & Psychology of Atheism

Secular critic Max & Christian Apologist James Bishop talk about the science and psychology of our understanding of the Supernatural, the “nous” or “Sensus Divinatus,” the fact that children innately develop a Natural Understanding of God, that autistics and some others with injuries might lose this sense, and why it matters. James Bishop’s Blog:

ZeroHedge Posits a Plausible Qanon Story

As someone who followed Qanon for a long while, I never fully believed it could be trusted, but I always knew it was “real” — and by “real” I meant “a real operation by professinals who were very good and knew a lot” and “clearly had the tacit support of people within the Trump machine.” As someone with a long history as an independent journalist and a number of contacts in a lot of areas, I was also independently verify a few of Qanon’s stories. Still, it was obviously an agitprop/propaganda operation, and you can never trust those entirely.

Now, ZeroHedge has a report and asks, Is This Intelligence Group Responsible For The Q Anon Conspiracy Theory?

Probably the most useful quote:

New research reveals that a loose network including an organization known as Joint Task Force – Make America Great Again (JTFMAGA) made up of intelligence whistleblowers, alternative media figures and individuals with a known history of virally spreading information online was most likely responsible for inventing “Q Anon.”

ZeroHedge’s story may or may not be true, and the named parties may be only part of the story, or the story may even be wrong, but in the many efforts I’ve seen published trying to explain what Qanon was/is, it’s easily one of the most plausible.

Anyone who thought Qanon was a LARP or a hoax was a fool; anyone who really looked at it knew there was real information in there, information that was coming from a very slick outfit with resources and knowledge everyday people would not have access to. And it was meant to send a message.

I suspect we will eventually find out that Team Trump was fully aware and at least tacitly involved.

One thing I always knew Qanon to be: terrifying. Because what it showed was that leements of our government were at war with other elements of our government. Qanon is the type of operation you see in a third world country undergoing a coup or soft civil war.

When it emerged, it seemed crazy to talk that way: civil war, coups, revolution.

It’s hard to say where the country is going in the next year or two, but one thing’s for certain: nobody knows who you can trust anymore. Except maybe Christ.

Who do you trust and why do you trust them? It’s the most important question you can ask these days. And you should ask it often in these perilous times.

Max & Riggs: Memorial Day and Thoughts for Men Memorial Day is a day

Americans set aside to remember those who sacrificed in war. Whether you support any of the wars those men (and some women) fought in, remembering their sacrifice is utterly important. Join Max and Riggs as we discuss and honor those who sacrificed in war.

Andrew, Josh, SJ Thomason, and Lisa Quintana: Baptists & Anglicans have a frank talk

Lisa Quintana, SJ Thomason, Andrew Stratelates, and Josh Brister are different types of Christian apologist who’ve been in battle on social media against some of the darkest forces. Join us to hear their tips for dealing with an increasingly Christian-hostile world.

Official Red Pill Religion statement on Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin.

Multiple members of the Red Pill Religion team, as well as people known by us, have been materially and reputationally harmed, harassed, deplatformed, and worse by Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad. Furthermore, we are completely UNCONVINCED of his defense of charges of dealing in child pornography, based on our own in-house eyewitness experiences.

As such we do not post Sargon of Akkad videos, nor are they welcome here. Not until Carl Benjamin finally owns up to his deplorable behavior towards us and others, and not until he stops smearing and running from his critics and starts to deal with them ethically.

We certainly wont’ be doing anything to support his candidacy, for whatever that is worth.