Helping your kid overcome sneaky Atheist indoctrination

Whiny Atheist Crybullies threw up a huge stink about this video a couple of years ago on one of our false-flagged previous channels. Max’s son, Max Kolbe Junior, used to have his own YouTube channel and lost it. Angry bullying Ideological Atheists on the Internet wound up harassing him for this video and others and got his channel false-flagged and taken down. Some wailing Atheist Crybully bigots even called this video “Child Abuse.” We had forgotten this gem of a classic we made together—he’s now getting ready for Confirmation as a young Catholic. He loves God and drags his Dad to Church. His YouTube career as Max Kolbe Jr. is over, but he’s still active—and very much knows how to defend himself against liars who say things like “there is no evidence for God” or “religion is evil.” We thought you’d all enjoy this blast from the past!

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