Skylar Fiction’ Pseudoscholarly Conversation With Praise that I Am

Religious pseudoscholars and crybullies Skyler Fiction and Dr. Josh Bowen pretend to be nice, but they have a serious problem with facts, and with bigotry. A new Atheist Response video, featuring PraiseThatIAm!

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I do not sit with those committed to what is false, nor do I travel with hypocrites.I hate the company of those who practice evil, nor do I sit with the wicked. – Psalm 26:4-5 Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he think himself wise. – Proverbs 26:5: —

Max & John C. Wright: Is Civic Freedom Possible in a Godless Society?

“When I was young, all the secular writers I read, and all the atheist thinkers I heard, promised that if our society shed the last vestiges of religion, the we would be more free. For the most, they meant free of sexual morals, inhibitions, and social roles. But the reality of postchristian America and Britain is a continual erosion of freedom, which, in this generation, has accelerated. The end of First Amendment rights is foreseeable within our lifetime, if trends are not reversed. The reality of regimes where atheism is the official state religion, that is, the Soviet Union, Red China, North Korea, are nightmares of slavery, butchery, wasted lives, and oppression: living hell on earth. Is civic freedom feasible in a godless society? Is it possible?” –John C. Wright

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Max & John C Wright Neurolinguistic Programming and Modern Society

Neurolinguistic programming: is it real and are we affected by it? Join as Max & John C. wright discuss!

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David Wolf Andrew & Ted on the Culture of Sodom, Milo, & Michael Voris

We did a response video to Ted Shoebat and Ted and Andrew have come back to discuss or debate the issues with us on people like Michael Voris, Milo, and the issue with “LGBTQP+” in the US and Canada. Theodore Shoebat: Treating Citizens of Sodom Like Garbage Is Wise?