Biochemist Sy Garte & Max Raised Atheist Found God Studying Science

Biochemist Sy Garte was raised to be atheist by his parents—and found God while studying science.

The Book of Works by Sy Garte Commies: A Journey Through the Old Left, the New Left and the Leftover Left by Ronald Radosh… Radical Son by David Horowitz…

Late Night Explanation of Ritual Sacrifice & The Eucharist

How most orthodox-type Christians view that mysterious thing called “The Eucharist” and all that “smells and bells” stuff known as the Divine Liturgy. From a livestream on the Max Dean Esmay Group channel.

Immolation Sacrifice, Mouh Boli, Durga Puja.jpg from Wikimedia Commons… “Consecration of the Herm” (ancient Greek ritual sacrifice and blessing using priest) From WikiArt marked Public Domain by “xennex 12 Jul 2012”… Noah’s Sacrifice from WikiArt marked Public Domain by “xennex” 15 Oct 2012”… The Holy of Holies; illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible from Wikimedia Commons marked Public Domain by “illustrators of the 1890 Holman Bible”… Liturgy of St James. Russian Orthodox Church in Duesseldorf from Wikimedia Commons published as Public Domain by “Velopilger – Own Work’… Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, 1973 ,marked as Public Domain from the National Archives and Records Administration NAID 556236.…

Max & David Ross of CVS (Catholic Vs.)

David Ross’s “Catholic Vs.” series is a series of interviews by a Catholic man asking other people about their worldview. His interviews tend to be in-depth and thoughtful, so we decided to put him in the interviewee chair! CVS Podcast

Max & John C. Wright: Do the Godless Just Want to Kill Us?

Catholic schoolboy in MAGA hat targeted for media lynching. Multiple online sources clearly show the boy was mobbed and verbally assaulted and did nothing but stand silent in the face of racist epithets directed at him. No one in the mainstream media has reported it correctly yet. Max thinks we’re going to be returning to lynchings in the US against Catholics. Join us as we discuss this provocative thesis!

The Truth About “MAGA Kids” And The Native Americans

Owen Benjamin: Wizards, Magicians, and Scientists

John Wright’s article:…

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