Why Does Anybody Care About Richard Carrier’s Sex Life?

Every once in a while in our adventures in Atheistland–which is not the only topic we talk about on Red Pill Religion but it is a perennial favorite–we run into another story about pseudohistorian Richard Carrier’s supposed evil nature as a creepy sex predator. Or, about how he’s supposedly being defamed for petty jealous reasons with false allegations.

Honestly? I have NEVER been interested much one way or the other with Carrier’s sexual pecadillos, because he’s from Professional Atheistland, and in Professional Atheistland, the men and women are all either:

1) Sexless desperate nerds with no social skills. They are often highly unattractive but mostly on purpose. Note the On-Purpose part: they’re virtually all afflicted with poor self-image and self-loathing.

2) Some “sophisticated” variety of “polyamoury,” which is what in the old days we used to call “swingers.”

I’m quite certain Richard Carrier’s been very sexually promiscuous, in ways a lot of people would find gross or unhealthy. Also, he lies brazenly about history for a living, so he would obviously lie about anything else, too. Including whether or not he had “consent” to do whatever he did. Or whether he says he or didn’t do.

Liars lie, after all.

But this is Professional Atheistland, and the women in Professional Atheistland are women attracted to manipulative narcissists. Women are rare in Professional Atheistland, but they are all also either desperately unattractive and unhappy loners desperate for validation, OR, “sophisticated” swingers. They take pride in their “open-minded” sexuality and multiple partners. Liars lie, and “regret rape” and “rape allegations for revenge” are real things that women who don’t have any morals and ethics will use.

To be honest, if you’re in a room full of people who do nothing but obsess about sex and open-mindedness about it, and take pride in their many sexual adventures, “consent” become a meaningless concept.

In short, I don’t know what happened, because these people are all into wild crazy sex. They just help prove that “consent” isn’t really a coherent concept legally or morally when it comes to sex. If anyone consented to anything, it was when they walked into a room full of sex-obsessed neurotic ideologues in a bizarre hate cult.

How about we go back to a notion that promiscuous sex is neither healthy, brave, admirable, or even attractive. Indeed, isn’t good for anyone involved let alone society as a whole. How about we start respecting that “monogamy” is actually natural in humans (much much well-established science shows) and socially desirable.

And that promiscuity is neither brave nor admirable. Besides the sexual diseases and unloved or aborted children it brings, it also eventually brings about confusion and recrimination and more.

Richard Carrier lives in a land where everybody’s most important value is being “not judgemental” about sex, but being judgemental about everything else. Except that people with no morals usually turn on each other.

Author: Max D

Max D. of Michigan is a past rabble-rouser now pursuing less provocative pursuits.

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