Why Are Most of Red Pill Religion Team Anonymous? Freedom From Atheism Foundation.

One of our favorite outfits on the Internet is the Freedom From Atheism Foundation. We happen to know some of the principals behind it–more than 6 years ago they started and they received countless death threats, character assassination, attempts at professional smearing, and more. They have a Wall of Atheist Hate on their Facebook page, filled with examples of things we saw when we started this project three years ago.

We’ve seen all of this and more on Red Pill Religion, which is why those of us who can stay anonymous, do.

The good news is the tide is slowly turning. The Freedom from Atheism Foundation is probably more popular than the militant ideologues of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, for example.

Atheist groups tend to be funded by wealthy donors. Groups who oppose the hateful “Atheist” political and cult groups, like FFAF or Red Pill Religion or others, run entirely on grassroots volunteer labor and support.

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