Steve McRae, Abuser of Child Rape Survivors, Calls Red Pill Religion “Morally Bankrupt”

Steve McRae, a well-known professional hater of Christians & Believing Jews, has recently morally condemned the Red Pill Religion team.

Problem 1: This is a man whoo has insulted multiple Red Pill Religion team members who are Child Sex Abuse survivors. He also routinely trades in demonstrable pseudoscience, demonstrable pseudohistory, and demonstrable lies about the nature of religious belief and its history. Why would anyone care about such a man’s moral condemnation?

Problem 2: McRae and his group of ideological fellow travelers and hangers-on are also people who routinely deny that there is any objective morality anyway.

So our answer to McRae and his fellow moralizing bullying cultists and pseudoscholars is simple: you have no moral leg to stand on condemning anyone. You mock, abuse, and marginalize the vast majority of the world’s Child Rape victims, you use and abuse other Child Rape survivors to score political points, and you routinely hang out with pseudoscientists and pseudohistorians peddling easily debunked, propagandistic garbage.

As a child molestation survivor myself–at the hands of Secular authorities–I have no particular distress being morally condemned by McRae, or his friends/groupies. These are people who pretend to be nice but will lie about you or mischaracterize you and even insult you, publicly, when you’re not there to defend yourself. These are people who routinely mute, or mock, anyone who challenges their views in any serious way. They are people who pretend to represent “Science” when they routinely get contemporary mainstream science wrong, and who pretend to represent “empathy” and being “nice” while they routinely cruel condescending mocking and hateful towards people who don’t share their ideological worldview.

The fact that they’re also cruel to victims of Child Sex Abuse who don’t happen to be politically “worthy” of McRae & co’s selective empathy should also tell you a lot.

Those who defend Ideological Secularism while condemning Christians for their much smaller sex abuse problem are more than hypocrites. They’re hatemongers, period. We sex abuse survivors are overwhelmingly more likely to be abused by Secular authorities than religious ones. So when Anti-Religious zealots feel entitled to morally condemn everyone else, the rest of us have no obligation to listen or care.

These are people who will never subject themselves, or people or things they like, to the same standards they apply to all religious people.

And they’re also, it bears repeating, people who will routinely tell you that morality is entirely subjective or a social construct.

In short, being called Morally Bankrupt by people who have no morals is not particularly upsetting.


PS: This is an open offer to anyone in McRae’s orbit who is taking this guy seriously to come onto a stream and talk to us. We offered McRae friendship and dialogue and discussions on how to make Atheist-Theist relations better and how to do scientific debates in an interesting and truly useful way, but no dice. Still, we’re happy to talk to anyone who was on this stream, or listening to it, who wants OUR perspective.

Author: Max D

Max D. of Michigan is a past rabble-rouser now pursuing less provocative pursuits.

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