Aaron Clarey Captain Capitalism Doesn’t Understand Christianity or Atheism

Support http://RedPillReligion.com. Someone ask Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism if he’s ever asked himself WHY it is that MANY religious people find ATHEISTS annoying. This is an old video Aaron never bothered to acknkowledge or respond to (chicken!) but Max needs a night off so we thought you’d enjoy. Maybe someone can can get Aaron to acknowledge a serious critic in good cheer and humor?

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DESTROYED! 2 Minute Facts 10 Logical Reasons God Doesn’t Exist #RedPillReligion

Shallow ill-informed “2-Minute Facts” throws a bunch of crap against the wall and hopes some of it will stick. They’re totally unconvincing. John Max, Mr. Brass, White Injun, and Ghost of Buckley as we take them on!

2 Minute “Facts”

Reality as Max sees it, circa 3 August 2018.

The United States has been in a state of Civil War since late December 2017. I don’t care what idiot says I’m crazy. That’s what happened and is happening. It went from Cold to Hot in December, among the Elites. On the streets it’s been skirmishes that we call “riots” or “unrest” or “just some Antifa and Alt-right douches.” At the higher levels, it’s been vicious economic warfare among Billionaires, huge actions between 3-letter agencies in the US and abroad, and hijinx between Nation State players, most of it spun or kept out of the press completely.

It will reach its apex PROBABLY in November 2018. If we Americans come acropper as a people, it will be by April 2019 at the latest I suspect.

Where we really are: likely Donald Trump is removed as President in the next year,


Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, George Bush, and their highest level supporters are declared disgraceful, and their highest level supporters (at least) go to jail. Including Attorneys General, FBI directors, CIA directors, and more.

No matter what, NOTHING will be the same going in to the 2020 elections, in the US or the world.

BTW as an NRA supporter I will be a Loyalist. Come and get me. I’m ready for you. I’ll be doing everything I can to help pro-Trump, anti-Globalist candidates wherever I can.

But I hope we all remember this song, and all its words.

It’s a rare case of a Boomer Hedonist rocker getting every. single. word. correct.

Pope Francis’s Controversial Papacy w/Davis Aurini

Pope Francis is condemned by many. He is also supported by many. He is seen as a Modernist in many circles. Some think he’s going to cause Schism. Some think he’s modernizing the Church in a needed direction. Max and Davis talk it out!

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The Conflict Between Red Pill Religion and Reformed “Christian” Apologist

Max’s night off. Orthodox Defender, no fan of Sola Scriptura Calvinists who claim everyone who isn’t a Sola Scriptura Calvinist isn’t actually a Christian, has some responses to “Reformed Christian Apologist” and his many assertions about our group that aren’t true. BTW, we get along fine with Sola Scripturists who are NOT anti-orthodoxy.

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Max & Tim Goldich of NCFM on Gender Politics #MHRM

Tim Goldich, President of the Chicago chapter of the National Coalition for Men, visits with Max, a fellow NCFM member, to talk about the past and future of gender politics.

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