New Atheism Today vs Communism [Mirror]

Enjoy a video by our friend HistoryNet.

Parallels between the propaganda, talking points, etc. of New Atheism/Anti-theism today and back when militant Atheists had political power. Anti-theists think they can pretend that it wasn’t really Atheism to escape the guilt by association with those their shared anti-God ideology inspired. Apparently, it’s ok when they associate religion in general with its radicals (ignoring every good thing about it), so I’ll do the same.

In no way do I condone the fundamentalist extremism that helped give way to the New Atheist Movement, but there is no rational excuse for this disgusting, uncultured ideology that has helped ruin modern society as much as the holier-than-thou who want to impose their views as well. I think a far more practical solution is to use scripture to combat extremism; show them their errors. Love your enemy is important to remember. Also, Matthew 26:52 and Matthew 7:21 need to be kept in mind.

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