Seth Andrews’ Christianity Made Me Talk Like an Idiot #TheThinkingAtheist

Hateful shallow bully Seth Andrews has made himself sound like a bigger idiot than most of the Christians he clearly hates. Why does anybody think this horrible man and his friends are funny or clever or anything else?

TheThinkingAtheist shows what a horrible shallow nasty human being he is:

Time points we’ll try to hit:

1:57-2:11 Calls the Bible a Goat Herders Guide To The Universe
7:00-7:32 Says Prayer makes you ungrateful to those who do work
10:28- 11:20 Assumes that a devout Christian doctor would be less qualified than an Atheist doctor
20:05- 20:40 Goes after Karma and everything happens for a reason
26:06-26:40 Misunderstands faith and Hebrews 11:1
27:00-27:50 Doubting Thomas Again
36-38- 37:25 Closing thoughts

Author: Max Kolbe

Max Kolbe of Michigan, also known as Dean Esmay (but his friends still call him Max) starred in Cassie Jaye's Red Pill Movie. He is former publisher of Dean's World, contributor to The Moderate Voice, former Managing Editor of A Voice for Men, and a general rabble-rouser.

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