Red Pill Religion History: Max Kolbe & Missing the Mark

This interview from early 2017 is an early look at the Escaping Atheism project, about 3 months after it had started. It came from an earlier project “God and Man in the 21st Century” which tried to engage the Atheist community with politeness and humor, and to simply ask Atheists to get along with people and have tolerance.
That was savaged, mocked, and ignored, while we watched countless religious people being persecuted online every day.

We realized we were now in the Sh*tposting era of the Internet, and no one respected “nice” anymore.

It had became obvious after #Gamergate that marginalizing, lying about, and abusing religious people was the real goal of organized Atheism and so-called “Skepticism” and “Rationalism.” These weren’t like the old Atheists, they weren’t confused. They were filled with hate, and they wanted to destroy anyone who wouldn’t be Atheist with them.

Sargon of Akkad, TJ Kirk, and other hateful and abusive bigots in the “Anti-SJW Atheist” crowd were and are no better than the vast majority of SJWs (which is to say, the majority of Dogmatic Atheists today).

We’ve met most of our preliminary goal, which was the complete destruction of the Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist Community, using multiple social media strategies and guerilla campaigns, as well as our YouTube channel. Working with many volunteers, almost all an Anons project.

At Red Pill Religion we no longer focus exclusively on the Atheism cult movement. It is near dead and should be all but gone in a year.

Thus we are discussing ratcheting down our tone and our language and expanding our subject matter. But for those who still wonder: we were never a ministry. We were Secular Social Critics of Atheism.

Our team included friendly atheists, and Pagans from day 1, and now includes Jews, Hindus, and others.

Religious people are completely normal, as sane as you, and a permanent part of your life. Red Pill Religion explores the intersection of culture, politics, science, and religion, from a Red Pill perspective.

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Author: Max Kolbe

Max Kolbe of Michigan, also known as Dean Esmay (but his friends still call him Max) starred in Cassie Jaye's Red Pill Movie. He is former publisher of Dean's World, contributor to The Moderate Voice, former Managing Editor of A Voice for Men, and a general rabble-rouser.

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