Professional Atheist “Entertainers” Like Harassing Children?

*Update 10/21/18: Please see notes below:

I wish to state here for the public record that I believe two public figures who make money peddling anti-religious hate propaganda and pseudoscience, John Gleason the “Godless Engineer” and Kaitlyn Chloe, have intentionally and maliciously spread rumors on the Internet that I abuse my child.

They do this, I believe, knowing that it is indisputably groundless, in order to reputation-smear. Reputation-smearing is big business on the Internet, and many members of the online “Skeptic” movement are part of that business. They know full well one of the best ways to have plausible deniability is to express a phony “concern” with no basis at all, or the flimsiest pretext, and  then spread and encourage rumors that someone is a thief, a rapist, a child molester, or some other kind of miscreant.

These people and their co-coreligionists in cult groups like “The Great Debate Community” and “The Non-Sequitur Show” know something important: if you spread rumors that someone’s abusing a child, or is a rapist, or something similar, they KNOW that rumor will follow that person forever. They know the man they’ve falsely accused may face physical attacks from total strangers, job loss, business loss, and more. They even know it may trigger fake reports to the police or Child Protective Services, just to harass their victim and his family.

John Gleason the “Godless Engineer” and his partner, Kaitlyn Chloe, two very public figures who make money on the Internet, have intentionally targeted my child for harassment, knowing that by spreading these fake rumors both me and my child may face harassment and discrimination and more at school or work. They intentionally traumatized a child, just to spread a malicious rumor. To get revenge on someone who had criticized their public work as public figures.

Public figures like professional Christian- and Jew-haters John Gleason and Kaitlyn Chloe, along with other public figures associated with them putting out public content on the Internet, owe apologies to my son Max Jr. They also owe apologies to me, my wife, my ex-wife Rosemary, and her current husband John Ribner. So does anyone at “The Great Debate Community” or “The Non-Sequitur Show” who continues to tolerate this inexcusable harassment of an innocent child and his parents and step-parents and family. Or to asssociate with known Internet Harassers and Abusers.

This is also posted publicly in case of SWATting attempts and phony reports to try to waste police and CPS time. Which we expect to happen sooner or later; the creepy Internet Skeptic hate cult does not hesitate to try to destroy people by any means necessary, including endlessly repeating things they know to be lies.

These are people who will even go after children. And their friends think that’s OK. Remember this about them. And their friends.

*Update 10/21/18*: We recently appeared, hopefully for the last time ever, on the Non-Sequitur Show, me Max, Andrew Strateletes, and John Baptiste. During the show it came under contention that somehow, Godless Engineer had never suggested I abused my child, and claiming that this article you are reading here was published somehow before Godless Engineer made such insinuations.

However, as this video by Orthodox Defender shows, made well before this article was written, no, the idea that I’m a danger to my child for teaching him about God and teaching him to defend himself against Atheist bullies is something Godless Engineer was putting into the air already. And as I have noted, the “teaching your child religion is child abuse” is a common Ideological Atheist trope. As I have also noted many times, in my years of political activism I saw how spreading rumors that you’re a rapist or abusing your child are used to do things like trigger Family Court or phony Child Protective Services investigations, or to just get people attacked on the streets.

I will note also that our friend Deflating Atheism, who saw the original interaction, told the Non-Sequitur Show people he would not appear on their show until I get a retraction and an apology, and so far as I know none was ever given. I was not the only one to interpret Mr. Gleason’s words as a thinly veiled attempt to offend, to further the common Ideological Atheist trope that teaching kids about God is child abuse, and to spread rumors about me on the Internet.

No one suggested that any specific person did or would call CPS. That’s not how it works when you’re spreading rumors about someone, you get other people to do your dirty work. I don’t believe anything these people say anymore; King Crocoduck demonstrably misrepresents the history of science and the philosophy of science and the state of contemporary Evolutionary Biology and isn’t really qualified in that field, and has said many hateful things about religion in his time. Godless Engineer is who he is, anyone can just listen to him. And Steve McCrae loves to maintain plausible deniability by denying having any responsibility for anything his friends and fellow cultists have to say, so if he didn’t say it then it’s “libel” to say he routinely gives people saying hateful things a platform. And Kyle Curtis lacks the guts to admit that “Gay Rights” only happened by asking Christians for support, and won’t talk about the reality that Secular and Atheist sources all over the world and all over history have been virulently, even murderously, anti_Gay. Whatever. These people hate religion and they treat religious people like garbage. I feel good for those religious folks who can befriend them; I don’t have the strength to sit and listen to such abuse.

I genuinely hope we are done with these jokers as of today. I can’t see where our talking with them does anyone any good.

*Update 2:* No, one more. I really am one of the common survivors of pedo rings that get covered for in Secular Schools, Police Departments, Foster Home Systems, and Juvenile Prisons regularly. Anyone who has done work in this area knows that it’s true there’s a problem all over government systems; simply searching the Internet for examples of the Secular schools (and other facilities) covering for pedos is child’s play. I did work in this area for years as a Men’s advocate, however, a quick search online gives example after example after example. Anyone who’s done work with the abused knows where the pedos go, and they can be found in any profession just about.

The Catholics are doing a lot about their sex abuse problem (see the work of Church Militant for one of many examples), whereas others are silent about their own epidemic. Picking on one group to the exclusion of all others is hypocrisy and bigotry and using victims as your political pawns, and all of these people and their apologists know it.

As both a father and a survivor, I still know, my child is in more danger from his public schoolteachers than he is from our priests. A statistical reality that matters I think.

*Update 3* We really did have multiple victims of the Secular Foster Home & School System approach Steve about their experiences and get haughtily dismissed as having a case of “whataboutism.” Nice way to marginalize people Steve. Dismissing child sex abuse survivors and their experience so you can go after one religious group you don’t like is bigotry, especially when you’re rude to other victims who approach you about your dismissal of their experiences.

Author: Max Kolbe

Max Kolbe of Michigan, also known as Dean Esmay (but his friends still call him Max) starred in Cassie Jaye's Red Pill Movie. He is former publisher of Dean's World, contributor to The Moderate Voice, former Managing Editor of A Voice for Men, and a general rabble-rouser.

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