Great Debate Community: Dishonest Bullies & Cowards

There is no web site on the Internet where you will get more bad information on science and history than Steve McRae’s utterly laughable and 98% vile “Great Debate Community.”

For some time we on the Red Pill Religion team had tried to engage the bizarre little hate cult that is “The Great Debate Community” constructively.

The shadowy little clique surrounding The Great Debate Community sent quite a few disingenuous, slimy people, men and women alike, to come and try to convince us that there is no organized, malevolent movement calling itself capital A Atheism. To tell us there is  no cult religion called capital S Skepticism—even though every single one of them was very obviously part of an organized movement and clique sent to propagandize and recruit.

Or, as in the case of the utterly vile “Godless Engineer” John Gleason and his hateful partner Kaitlyn Chloe, to simply bully and abuse people, and even target their children for harassment. While lying about science and history.

Some friends of Red Pill Religion, not official team members, tried for a while to get us into friendly relationships with some of the people there, but it was not to be. Even the people who pretended to be “nice” like Shannon Q, Kyle Curtis, and a few others all eventually turned out to be hateful lying bigots just trying to bring people into the capital A Atheist fold–by which I mean the creepy anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Pagan, anti-Zoroastrian, hate cult they’re all part of.

They’re very much like Scientologists.

BTW, if you ever want proof that these people are a cult? Even if you’re an atheist or agnostic? Go in there for a week and start saying you think OK, maybe it’s rational think there’s a God. You’ve looked at the evidence and you don’t find it convincing but you can see why an intelligent person might. See how they treat you: like you’ve picked up an infectious disease and mind-virus, or became an idiot, or a traitor. That is how you’ll be treated. Especially if you also say things like, “come on, we should be friends with religious people.”(See *)

You will be treated like a Jehovah’s Witness who has begun to question the Watchtower Society. I guarantee you.

Yesterday I found that our friend Derek, the Gay Atheist Anrchist, got banned from Great Debate Community, while others like our friend White Injun get routinely muted, bullied, and abused just trying to make a polite point. I’ve been in the Great Debate Community’s chat server for a few months but am leaving today as a result of this ongoing behavior of bullying and bigotry and intellectual dishonesty.

While there are obviously a few decent, if confused and deluded, people hanging at the Great Debate Community, it’s mostly a pit of filthy bigots no better than NeoNazis or Communists. Filthy bigots who routinely, and in many cases knowingly and intentionally, strawman and misrepresent religion and religious people with phony science, fake spun history, idiotic armchair psychoanalysis, and encouraging an intolerant, condescending,  superior, elitist, bullying attitude towards religious people.

They think they are The Thought Police, who will tell everybody else what is rational or acceptable to believe.

When I think of the Great Debate Community, I think of a swirling nest of bigoted snakes. The loudest most obnoxious ones are actually the more honest ones; they’re open about their hate and revel in being bullies. The really devious, poisonous snakes among them pretend to be nice, and even like they want to be your friend.

(Here’s a hint: you do not need a “friend” who treats you like you’re mentally ill or a simpleton.)

I’ve left the Great Debate Community’s Server. Their “Great Debate” is a fraud in every way. The Great Debate Community CONTINUALLY repeats demonstrable lies about religion, misrepresents human history, lies about and misrepresents contemporary science, and teaches its members and followers to treat religious people as if they are inferior subhuman and defective.

Which is all the rest of the capital-A Atheist movement has ever done, whether it’s with low-level Internet pseudoscientists like PZ Myers, or filthy con men with “mainstream” respectability like Penn Jillette or Sam Harris.

Those of us who think there’s a God and that supernatural forces are real get treated like we are a threat, like we are stupid, and like we need to be psychoanalyzed by these pompous elitists. It makes fans of the Great Debate Community and the rest of the creepy, bigoted Atheist Movement unbelievably nasty, condescending, ignorant douchebags. If you’re a fan of the Great Debate Community and wonder why you seem to have few if any friends, consider the possibility that it’s because hanging out there makes you unpleasant and nasty.

Because Capital A, Identitarian, Movement Atheists  and “Skeptics” who hang out all day with others Atheists talking about how bad religion is, and how irrational the rest of humanity is, are really hateful nasty people. They’re unpleasant to be around most of the time, have you noticed?

What you might also notice is that the longer you hang out with them, the more nasty cynical and unlikeable you become, too.

Also please notice, over time they all tend to turn on and savage each other. Like Lord of the Flies.

Anti-Theists are irrefutably the biggest haters and biggest bullies and biggest terrorists on the Internet. Those of you who are friends with them are being “tolerant” of hateful abusive bullies who go after people’s children like John Gleason and his hateful abusive partner Kailtyn Chloe. These people routinely lie about science, routinely lie about history, and routinely abuse and bully religious people, either for fun or for profit.

Up to and including intentionally and knowingly quoting their critics out of context. Or talking only to the dumbest religious people. Or psychoanalyzing people who disagree with them. And acting like anyone who disagrees with Atheism must be mentally ill or defective somehow. (Nobody is better at that very Nazi-like pretend-psychoanalysis than “nice” and “polite” pseudointellectual bigot Steve McRae, BTW.)

I left Capital-A Atheism, creepy fake capital S “Skepticism,” because I realized it was a bizarre intolerant thought-control cult. Great Debate Community has PROVEN to me that that is all it EVER has been, and probably all it ever can be.

If anyone over at “The Great Debate Community” ever wants to STOP being a hateful bigoted dishonest manipulative bully, if you want to STOP being someone who only PRETENDS to be nice, and you want to be a decent human being and just be FRIENDS with religious people, UNDERSTAND and get along with spiritual people, stop on by Red Pill Religion. But otherwise, I will repeat what I said in my public videos:

I apologize for excessive cuss words and excessive loud voice in the past videos and will try to do better. But I believe I had every right to be angry, and that others have just as much right to be angry. And I have no apologies at all for rightly identifying hateful bigoted bullies and cultists who pretend they aren’t in a cult, and who pretend they have no ideology. And I have no apologies at all for publicly identifying and condemning the bullying behavior, the pseudoscience, or the pseudohistory.

And I will continue to note that these are filthy people who went after my child.

I don’t care if any of them likes me or likes this project. I don’t like any of them. At all. They’re awful, horrible people, no better than abusive bigots like Matt Dillahunty or Kyle Kulinski. Or that two-faced con artist Penn Jillette.

Goodbye Great Debate Community. For a couple of years everybody told me I was too mean to you, that I should try to be friendly. I tried. We tried. But there’s no point. When you’re dealing with intolerant mind-control cult like Scientology or Steve McRae’s “The Great Debate” community, you can’t expect honest dialogue or reasonable debate. They’re a cult that simply pretends to want to explore ideas.

Red Pill Religion will continue to run its efforts to alert the public to the identitarian, bullying, thought-control cult that is Capital-A Atheism, and phony Capital S “Skepticism,” until we see the movement reform itself or cease to exist. Whether these bullies call themselves “Free Thinkers,” “Liberalists,” or “Skeptics,” they need to reform, or they need to be shunned by decent people everywhere.

Red Pill Religion will otherwise continue to welcome and have dialogue with friendly atheists, agnostics, deists, Buddhists, Shintoists, Hindus, Pagans, Zoroastrians, Muslims, and anyone else who wants to have honest conversations and even spirited debates. The only people we don’t put up with are haters and bullies, pseudoscientists and pseudohistorians, such as the ones who currently swirl like flies around The Great Debate Community.

*Update*: We got a complaint because there are a lot of theists hanging around specifically at the Great Debate Community who don’t get taken out. Point taken. Religious people who are new and don’t know much often get treated OK there for a while. But anyone who’s a regular who’s actually smart enough to challenge them on their endless use of pseudoscience and pseudohistory, or who challenges their casual every day bigotry toward religious people, or correctly notes the base fraud that there is any “Great Debate Between Science And Religion,” will be marginalized, muted, ejected, insulted, smeared, and faced with other silencing tactics.

I do not believe the people running The Great Debate Community will do anything to fix any of this. They were offered a hand of friendship, private conversations to clear up misunderstandings. They refused.

Author: Max D

Max D. of Michigan is a past rabble-rouser now pursuing less provocative pursuits.

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