Red Pill Religion History: Max Kolbe & Missing the Mark

This interview from early 2017 is an early look at the Escaping Atheism project, about 3 months after it had started. It came from an earlier project “God and Man in the 21st Century” which tried to engage the Atheist community with politeness and humor, and to simply ask Atheists to get along with people and have tolerance.
That was savaged, mocked, and ignored, while we watched countless religious people being persecuted online every day.

We realized we were now in the Sh*tposting era of the Internet, and no one respected “nice” anymore.

It had became obvious after #Gamergate that marginalizing, lying about, and abusing religious people was the real goal of organized Atheism and so-called “Skepticism” and “Rationalism.” These weren’t like the old Atheists, they weren’t confused. They were filled with hate, and they wanted to destroy anyone who wouldn’t be Atheist with them.

Sargon of Akkad, TJ Kirk, and other hateful and abusive bigots in the “Anti-SJW Atheist” crowd were and are no better than the vast majority of SJWs (which is to say, the majority of Dogmatic Atheists today).

We’ve met most of our preliminary goal, which was the complete destruction of the Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist Community, using multiple social media strategies and guerilla campaigns, as well as our YouTube channel. Working with many volunteers, almost all an Anons project.

At Red Pill Religion we no longer focus exclusively on the Atheism cult movement. It is near dead and should be all but gone in a year.

Thus we are discussing ratcheting down our tone and our language and expanding our subject matter. But for those who still wonder: we were never a ministry. We were Secular Social Critics of Atheism.

Our team included friendly atheists, and Pagans from day 1, and now includes Jews, Hindus, and others.

Religious people are completely normal, as sane as you, and a permanent part of your life. Red Pill Religion explores the intersection of culture, politics, science, and religion, from a Red Pill perspective.

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Red Wave! Dems Committing Suicide Ahead of Midterms!!!

A thrash metal tune by some anarchists condemning Militant Identitarian Atheism, who notice how hypocritical and dishonest they are, and what they’re really all about.

Lyrics (Copied from YouTube channel. Subscribe to BackWordz Music for more like this.)


Why Is Jimmy Metokur Such A Cowardly P*ssy?

A couple of years ago, when I was doing Men’s Rights work fighting false allegations in places like the US and UK, there was a huge political blowup in Germany. It was reported (initially) that a thousand Muslim men had publicly raped (not “assaulted,” literally RAPED) 100 German women on the streets during that very night’s New Year’s celebrations in Cologne.

At that time I had been working extensively with false rape victims and covering false rape allegations. I had recently been working with Erin Pizzey on a false allegation case in the UK, where an innocent man was finally released thanks to her efforts, and I had been covering the Emma Sulkowicz Mattress Girl false rape claim at that time. I had also done work with the wrongfully accused on and off for years, and worked with others who did the same work.

So the second I heard “100 women raped on the streets by 1000 men in coordinated Jihadist attack in downtown Cologne to establish a Caliphate” (which was what was initially reported to me) I was immediately skeptical. “So 100 women in downtown Cologne on one night had their skirts and pants ripped off and were gang-raped each by 10 men? In the middle of New Year’s celebrations downtown? No, I don’t think so.”

I had tweeted out my skepticism, and several people from Europe started sending me stories from the news there, noting multiple cases of the police and government saying women were lying about rape by migrants. So now, not only was I skeptical, but people from Germany were tweeting me stories of false rape allegations in Europe. So I got even more skeptical.

Now the truth is, my concentration in politics from about 2012 to about 2016 was entirely on Men’s Rights issues–the way we drug and abuse boys in the schools, false allegations and their devastating effects, male rape and child abuse victims, the prison-industrial complex, and so on. I was aware of but not really focused on European politics, and I did believe (at that time) that many on the Right were grossly exaggerating the problem with the refugees/migrants/invaders/whatever you insist on calling them.

It’s what I thought because it’s what the press was telling me, and it was also what some Europeans were telling me. They said this was hysteria. Well, I’d seen lots of Rape Hysteria here in the States, and the UK, so why wouldn’t I believe them?

You could say I was “blue pilled.” To this day I do not believe at all that 100 women were literally raped on the streets of Cologne. I don’t think anyone else believes that anymore either. We know there was something bad and some women were attacked, and that it was part of an ongoing pattern of abuse of Europeans by these “migrants/refugees/invaders/whateveryouwannacallem.” But no, sorry, 100 women did not have their pants and skirts ripped off and get gang raped in Downtown Cologne. That did not happen. What did happen were muggings and assaults, including some sexual assaults and a few actual rapes. Which makes more sense and is a lot more realistic.

Also, I had been friends with Muslims on and off since the 1990s, including charity work together. Like Donald Trump and many others, I view Muslims as people we should try to get along with, even while we confront the radical terrorism problem. That is the view held by Donald Trump, is he some sort of Muslim sellout? I doubt it.

This is also why I was uncomfortable saying Cologne was a “Muslim Attack.” To this day I don’t see any reason to believe that was Jihadi activity that was religiously motivated; I think it was street gang thugs and hoodlums from other countries who don’t speak the language and can’t integrate into German culture. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still need to see more evidence that it was truly a coordinated plan to establish a Caliphate, as some like Jimmy Metokur were suggesting at the time.

In retrospect if I’d known what was actually going on over there, and if I’d realized at the time just how much the Globalist press was lying about sexual assault in Europe, I would have just stayed quiet until people calmed down. It also only took me a few weeks of reading and absorbing to realize: no, the press had been lying to us about what was going on in Europe. I see that now, though I didn’t at the time.

Anyway, when I posted my initial skepticism, I was immediately deluged with attacks on all sides, in a Twitter storm. Many prominent people who’d rarely interacted with me before were suddenly attacking me, among them Jimmy Metokur. And they weren’t listening to me, they were putting words in my mouth, accusing me, and giving me no chance at all to give a reasonable explanation, though I kept trying to tell them I was just skeptical and why I thought I had reason to be skeptical.

Even people like Davis Aurini and RooshV and Matt Forney and others got into the act. I tried talking to these men, tried getting them to listen to me, and they would not. Davis Aurini was particularly mystifying, as we’d met and talked pleasantly before, and as fellow Catholics I thought he’d at least TALK to me before accusing me.

RooshV and his RoK site had without provocation multiple times attacked Men’s Rights Activists, and had refused efforts I’d made in those days to talk to him, make him understand what we were trying to do, and make him understand we didn’t have to be enemies even though we sometimes disagreed on some things. But RooshV never would talk to me, still doesn’t seem like he will as he’s ignored several efforts. I did wind up writing a blistering attack article on him, but even that was based as much on previous abuse from him and his RoK site as anything; if the guy was going to keep smearing us, up to and including lying about what I really thought on Cologne, it seemed necessary to push back and call him out. He was hardly a Saint in those days.

To this day I’d still rather get along with people like Roosh, Davis, Forney, Metokur, etc. and work on issues where we share views and goals, but they didn’t seem interested.

The weirdest though was Jimmy Metokur. Jimmy and I had been in Gamergate together. Jimmy I had always thought was a goof, but also insightful sometimes, and overall not a bad guy. I was shocked when he came after me out of nowhere and wouldn’t even let me talk to him or explain. I asked him to talk to me and he agreed we would.

I messaged him privately a few times and said I’d cooled down and understood the situation better, and in reality we mostly agreed on most things. (Because we do.) I messaged him privately on both Twitter and Skype saying I thought we’d misunderstood each other, we agree on many things, and that I’d like to talk privately with him about it because there was no reason to fight. We were mostly on the same side.

Jimmy, being the Internet sh*tposter that he is, decided to prank me. I thought I was going into a private conversation with someone I’d been online allies with, shared the same enemies with, and that I’d just been confused and misunderstood.

However, Jimmy put me on the air without telling me. When I realized he’d done that to me I probably should have hung up, but I kept trying to reason with him. And of course we all know Jimmy, he just kept tweaking me and bullsh*tting me and hitting me with questions he knew were bullsh*t questions.

Sure I got emotional. Who wouldn’t? But that was the point. Jimmy’s ultimately a prankster who’s not serious about anything and doesn’t care about anyone. That’s too bad, he’s smart and talented and if he had a more functional life philosophy he’d probably be 10 times more popular by now. But whatever, he prefers to be a dick, so let him be a dick. I hung up, calmed down, rolled my eyes, and figured, “OK, an internet prank. You got me. Oh well.”

After that, on Twitter I was still being harassed by his goober followers, and attacked for even being friendly with Muslims. Someone accused me of being a secret Muslim, and I responded sarcastically that yeah I’m a Muslim now, Allahu Akhbar. Jimmy and his fans, pretty much knowing I was being sarcastic, decided to run with that as if it were serious, even though they all knew it wasn’t.

I really didn’t think it was gonna go much beyond that, but for about two and a half years now I still hear occasionally from Jimmy and more often from his fans, who keep repeating bullsh*t from Jimmy’s idiotic prank call–claiming I’m a Muslim, claiming I constantly change my positions, claiming I don’t do anything for men’s rights, claiming I don’t care about rape, etc. Ridiculous, all of it, but it keeps being repeated.

The usual response people have to these things is often to run off the internet and try to hide. Problem is, I won’t ever do that. I’ve been smeared, slimed, and harassed by way bigger and more powerful than Jimmy Metokur and his Tentacle-Porn Loving Fans, and I’ve got friends bigger and more powerful than him too. So it doesn’t bug me, but it is stupid and annoying. I usually just point out what douchebags Jimmy’s dumbass fans are, and they usually back off.

Still, I keep asking old Jimmy to talk to me again. I already accepted his apology on Andy Warski’s show when he admitted he was just pranking me. His fans who harass me admit it now too, most of them knew he was full of it when he did it they just thought it was funny.

Still, at some point you’d think Jimmy would say “OK joke’s over.” Yet he and his fans still seem to want to keep it going, years later. Why? Is it money, or just some need to pick on people you mostly agree with?

Anyway, I’ve sent Jimmy numerous private and public invitations to talk to me, my channel his channel or another channel. And I keep waiting for a response. Which he is apparently too cowardly to give.

So, to correct the record: I never denied anything at all happened in Cologne, I was skeptical when the story immediately came out, for good reasons. I never converted to Islam, I was being sarcastic, although I do have anti-Terrorist Muslim friends so you can hate me for that if you want. Then again, I agree that Islam isn’t compatible with Western values–which are after all Christian values. And I’m not a SocJus leftist.

Jimmy Metokur owes me a conversation. It’s an open invitation, even to get drunk with him. Jimmy admits he and his fans pranked me, and admits much of what he said there was not right. I’d like to shake hands and make friends. But to do that, the cowardly pussy has to answer the messages I send him, instead of ignoring them.

So Jimmy, when are you going to talk to me? With no setups, no pranks, just as guys who share a lot of the same worldview and similar struggles? I accepted that it was just a prank, and so did you, so why not clear the air?

Or ya just gonna keep being a sarcastic goober and spreading rumors about a guy you know aren’t true?

Hey if Jimmy still won’t answer, should we do a Kumite challenge? Or would the Kumite people be too afraid to let me on with Jimmy? They know I can match Jimmy body blow for body blow, and so does Jimmy after all. He might be too afraid.

Or maybe we could just talk like guys do, because honestly, we aren’t that different. Open invitation Jimmy, why don’t you shoot me a note and let’s talk?

PS: I’ll send this to Jimmy, but since he ignores my other contacts, if anyone else wants to send it to him that’d be useful.

PPS: Updated this 7/3/2018 to fix the stupid error of saying it was Copenhagen when I meant Cologne. Added a little extra detail too, of other things that turned out to be bullsh*t on the initial reports.

Hello RPR!

Hello Red Pill Religion. I am Harmsius (aka the Gaytheist AnCap), A Libertarian Anarchist who is both atheist and a homosexual but also a defender against Anti-Theism. I will be posting interesting videos on the subjects of religion and politics (you have my word, I won’t be bashing religion) that I find interesting, sometimes with my side notations. Anyways,  tis an honor to be trusted by the founding mothers and fathers of RPR to be allowed to post upon here, and I hope we can have fun together. Time to publish this and find my first video! Good bye for now RPR.

Questions Skeptics Have For Religious People – Part 2

Support “Skeptics” seem to think they have a lot of unanswerable questions. They don’t. Let’s see how many we can answer for them!

Questions Skeptics Have For Religious People


Professional Atheist “Entertainers” Like Harassing Children?

*Update 10/21/18: Please see notes below:

I wish to state here for the public record that I believe two public figures who make money peddling anti-religious hate propaganda and pseudoscience, John Gleason the “Godless Engineer” and Kaitlyn Chloe, have intentionally and maliciously spread rumors on the Internet that I abuse my child.

They do this, I believe, knowing that it is indisputably groundless, in order to reputation-smear. Reputation-smearing is big business on the Internet, and many members of the online “Skeptic” movement are part of that business. They know full well one of the best ways to have plausible deniability is to express a phony “concern” with no basis at all, or the flimsiest pretext, and  then spread and encourage rumors that someone is a thief, a rapist, a child molester, or some other kind of miscreant.

These people and their co-coreligionists in cult groups like “The Great Debate Community” and “The Non-Sequitur Show” know something important: if you spread rumors that someone’s abusing a child, or is a rapist, or something similar, they KNOW that rumor will follow that person forever. They know the man they’ve falsely accused may face physical attacks from total strangers, job loss, business loss, and more. They even know it may trigger fake reports to the police or Child Protective Services, just to harass their victim and his family.

John Gleason the “Godless Engineer” and his partner, Kaitlyn Chloe, two very public figures who make money on the Internet, have intentionally targeted my child for harassment, knowing that by spreading these fake rumors both me and my child may face harassment and discrimination and more at school or work. They intentionally traumatized a child, just to spread a malicious rumor. To get revenge on someone who had criticized their public work as public figures.

Public figures like professional Christian- and Jew-haters John Gleason and Kaitlyn Chloe, along with other public figures associated with them putting out public content on the Internet, owe apologies to my son Max Jr. They also owe apologies to me, my wife, my ex-wife Rosemary, and her current husband John Ribner. So does anyone at “The Great Debate Community” or “The Non-Sequitur Show” who continues to tolerate this inexcusable harassment of an innocent child and his parents and step-parents and family. Or to asssociate with known Internet Harassers and Abusers.

This is also posted publicly in case of SWATting attempts and phony reports to try to waste police and CPS time. Which we expect to happen sooner or later; the creepy Internet Skeptic hate cult does not hesitate to try to destroy people by any means necessary, including endlessly repeating things they know to be lies.

These are people who will even go after children. And their friends think that’s OK. Remember this about them. And their friends.

*Update 10/21/18*: We recently appeared, hopefully for the last time ever, on the Non-Sequitur Show, me Max, Andrew Strateletes, and John Baptiste. During the show it came under contention that somehow, Godless Engineer had never suggested I abused my child, and claiming that this article you are reading here was published somehow before Godless Engineer made such insinuations.

However, as this video by Orthodox Defender shows, made well before this article was written, no, the idea that I’m a danger to my child for teaching him about God and teaching him to defend himself against Atheist bullies is something Godless Engineer was putting into the air already. And as I have noted, the “teaching your child religion is child abuse” is a common Ideological Atheist trope. As I have also noted many times, in my years of political activism I saw how spreading rumors that you’re a rapist or abusing your child are used to do things like trigger Family Court or phony Child Protective Services investigations, or to just get people attacked on the streets.

I will note also that our friend Deflating Atheism, who saw the original interaction, told the Non-Sequitur Show people he would not appear on their show until I get a retraction and an apology, and so far as I know none was ever given. I was not the only one to interpret Mr. Gleason’s words as a thinly veiled attempt to offend, to further the common Ideological Atheist trope that teaching kids about God is child abuse, and to spread rumors about me on the Internet.

No one suggested that any specific person did or would call CPS. That’s not how it works when you’re spreading rumors about someone, you get other people to do your dirty work. I don’t believe anything these people say anymore; King Crocoduck demonstrably misrepresents the history of science and the philosophy of science and the state of contemporary Evolutionary Biology and isn’t really qualified in that field, and has said many hateful things about religion in his time. Godless Engineer is who he is, anyone can just listen to him. And Steve McCrae loves to maintain plausible deniability by denying having any responsibility for anything his friends and fellow cultists have to say, so if he didn’t say it then it’s “libel” to say he routinely gives people saying hateful things a platform. And Kyle Curtis lacks the guts to admit that “Gay Rights” only happened by asking Christians for support, and won’t talk about the reality that Secular and Atheist sources all over the world and all over history have been virulently, even murderously, anti_Gay. Whatever. These people hate religion and they treat religious people like garbage. I feel good for those religious folks who can befriend them; I don’t have the strength to sit and listen to such abuse.

I genuinely hope we are done with these jokers as of today. I can’t see where our talking with them does anyone any good.

*Update 2:* No, one more. I really am one of the common survivors of pedo rings that get covered for in Secular Schools, Police Departments, Foster Home Systems, and Juvenile Prisons regularly. Anyone who has done work in this area knows that it’s true there’s a problem all over government systems; simply searching the Internet for examples of the Secular schools (and other facilities) covering for pedos is child’s play. I did work in this area for years as a Men’s advocate, however, a quick search online gives example after example after example. Anyone who’s done work with the abused knows where the pedos go, and they can be found in any profession just about.

The Catholics are doing a lot about their sex abuse problem (see the work of Church Militant for one of many examples), whereas others are silent about their own epidemic. Picking on one group to the exclusion of all others is hypocrisy and bigotry and using victims as your political pawns, and all of these people and their apologists know it.

As both a father and a survivor, I still know, my child is in more danger from his public schoolteachers than he is from our priests. A statistical reality that matters I think.

*Update 3* We really did have multiple victims of the Secular Foster Home & School System approach Steve about their experiences and get haughtily dismissed as having a case of “whataboutism.” Nice way to marginalize people Steve. Dismissing child sex abuse survivors and their experience so you can go after one religious group you don’t like is bigotry, especially when you’re rude to other victims who approach you about your dismissal of their experiences.

Great Debate Community: Dishonest Bullies & Cowards

There is no web site on the Internet where you will get more bad information on science and history than Steve McRae’s utterly laughable and 98% vile “Great Debate Community.”

For some time we on the Red Pill Religion team had tried to engage the bizarre little hate cult that is “The Great Debate Community” constructively.

The shadowy little clique surrounding The Great Debate Community sent quite a few disingenuous, slimy people, men and women alike, to come and try to convince us that there is no organized, malevolent movement calling itself capital A Atheism. To tell us there is  no cult religion called capital S Skepticism—even though every single one of them was very obviously part of an organized movement and clique sent to propagandize and recruit.

Or, as in the case of the utterly vile “Godless Engineer” John Gleason and his hateful partner Kaitlyn Chloe, to simply bully and abuse people, and even target their children for harassment. While lying about science and history.

Some friends of Red Pill Religion, not official team members, tried for a while to get us into friendly relationships with some of the people there, but it was not to be. Even the people who pretended to be “nice” like Shannon Q, Kyle Curtis, and a few others all eventually turned out to be hateful lying bigots just trying to bring people into the capital A Atheist fold–by which I mean the creepy anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, anti-Hindu, anti-Pagan, anti-Zoroastrian, hate cult they’re all part of.

They’re very much like Scientologists.

BTW, if you ever want proof that these people are a cult? Even if you’re an atheist or agnostic? Go in there for a week and start saying you think OK, maybe it’s rational think there’s a God. You’ve looked at the evidence and you don’t find it convincing but you can see why an intelligent person might. See how they treat you: like you’ve picked up an infectious disease and mind-virus, or became an idiot, or a traitor. That is how you’ll be treated. Especially if you also say things like, “come on, we should be friends with religious people.”(See *)

You will be treated like a Jehovah’s Witness who has begun to question the Watchtower Society. I guarantee you.

Yesterday I found that our friend Derek, the Gay Atheist Anrchist, got banned from Great Debate Community, while others like our friend White Injun get routinely muted, bullied, and abused just trying to make a polite point. I’ve been in the Great Debate Community’s chat server for a few months but am leaving today as a result of this ongoing behavior of bullying and bigotry and intellectual dishonesty.

While there are obviously a few decent, if confused and deluded, people hanging at the Great Debate Community, it’s mostly a pit of filthy bigots no better than NeoNazis or Communists. Filthy bigots who routinely, and in many cases knowingly and intentionally, strawman and misrepresent religion and religious people with phony science, fake spun history, idiotic armchair psychoanalysis, and encouraging an intolerant, condescending,  superior, elitist, bullying attitude towards religious people.

They think they are The Thought Police, who will tell everybody else what is rational or acceptable to believe.

When I think of the Great Debate Community, I think of a swirling nest of bigoted snakes. The loudest most obnoxious ones are actually the more honest ones; they’re open about their hate and revel in being bullies. The really devious, poisonous snakes among them pretend to be nice, and even like they want to be your friend.

(Here’s a hint: you do not need a “friend” who treats you like you’re mentally ill or a simpleton.)

I’ve left the Great Debate Community’s Server. Their “Great Debate” is a fraud in every way. The Great Debate Community CONTINUALLY repeats demonstrable lies about religion, misrepresents human history, lies about and misrepresents contemporary science, and teaches its members and followers to treat religious people as if they are inferior subhuman and defective.

Which is all the rest of the capital-A Atheist movement has ever done, whether it’s with low-level Internet pseudoscientists like PZ Myers, or filthy con men with “mainstream” respectability like Penn Jillette or Sam Harris.

Those of us who think there’s a God and that supernatural forces are real get treated like we are a threat, like we are stupid, and like we need to be psychoanalyzed by these pompous elitists. It makes fans of the Great Debate Community and the rest of the creepy, bigoted Atheist Movement unbelievably nasty, condescending, ignorant douchebags. If you’re a fan of the Great Debate Community and wonder why you seem to have few if any friends, consider the possibility that it’s because hanging out there makes you unpleasant and nasty.

Because Capital A, Identitarian, Movement Atheists  and “Skeptics” who hang out all day with others Atheists talking about how bad religion is, and how irrational the rest of humanity is, are really hateful nasty people. They’re unpleasant to be around most of the time, have you noticed?

What you might also notice is that the longer you hang out with them, the more nasty cynical and unlikeable you become, too.

Also please notice, over time they all tend to turn on and savage each other. Like Lord of the Flies.

Anti-Theists are irrefutably the biggest haters and biggest bullies and biggest terrorists on the Internet. Those of you who are friends with them are being “tolerant” of hateful abusive bullies who go after people’s children like John Gleason and his hateful abusive partner Kailtyn Chloe. These people routinely lie about science, routinely lie about history, and routinely abuse and bully religious people, either for fun or for profit.

Up to and including intentionally and knowingly quoting their critics out of context. Or talking only to the dumbest religious people. Or psychoanalyzing people who disagree with them. And acting like anyone who disagrees with Atheism must be mentally ill or defective somehow. (Nobody is better at that very Nazi-like pretend-psychoanalysis than “nice” and “polite” pseudointellectual bigot Steve McRae, BTW.)

I left Capital-A Atheism, creepy fake capital S “Skepticism,” because I realized it was a bizarre intolerant thought-control cult. Great Debate Community has PROVEN to me that that is all it EVER has been, and probably all it ever can be.

If anyone over at “The Great Debate Community” ever wants to STOP being a hateful bigoted dishonest manipulative bully, if you want to STOP being someone who only PRETENDS to be nice, and you want to be a decent human being and just be FRIENDS with religious people, UNDERSTAND and get along with spiritual people, stop on by Red Pill Religion. But otherwise, I will repeat what I said in my public videos:

I apologize for excessive cuss words and excessive loud voice in the past videos and will try to do better. But I believe I had every right to be angry, and that others have just as much right to be angry. And I have no apologies at all for rightly identifying hateful bigoted bullies and cultists who pretend they aren’t in a cult, and who pretend they have no ideology. And I have no apologies at all for publicly identifying and condemning the bullying behavior, the pseudoscience, or the pseudohistory.

And I will continue to note that these are filthy people who went after my child.

I don’t care if any of them likes me or likes this project. I don’t like any of them. At all. They’re awful, horrible people, no better than abusive bigots like Matt Dillahunty or Kyle Kulinski. Or that two-faced con artist Penn Jillette.

Goodbye Great Debate Community. For a couple of years everybody told me I was too mean to you, that I should try to be friendly. I tried. We tried. But there’s no point. When you’re dealing with intolerant mind-control cult like Scientology or Steve McRae’s “The Great Debate” community, you can’t expect honest dialogue or reasonable debate. They’re a cult that simply pretends to want to explore ideas.

Red Pill Religion will continue to run its efforts to alert the public to the identitarian, bullying, thought-control cult that is Capital-A Atheism, and phony Capital S “Skepticism,” until we see the movement reform itself or cease to exist. Whether these bullies call themselves “Free Thinkers,” “Liberalists,” or “Skeptics,” they need to reform, or they need to be shunned by decent people everywhere.

Red Pill Religion will otherwise continue to welcome and have dialogue with friendly atheists, agnostics, deists, Buddhists, Shintoists, Hindus, Pagans, Zoroastrians, Muslims, and anyone else who wants to have honest conversations and even spirited debates. The only people we don’t put up with are haters and bullies, pseudoscientists and pseudohistorians, such as the ones who currently swirl like flies around The Great Debate Community.

*Update*: We got a complaint because there are a lot of theists hanging around specifically at the Great Debate Community who don’t get taken out. Point taken. Religious people who are new and don’t know much often get treated OK there for a while. But anyone who’s a regular who’s actually smart enough to challenge them on their endless use of pseudoscience and pseudohistory, or who challenges their casual every day bigotry toward religious people, or correctly notes the base fraud that there is any “Great Debate Between Science And Religion,” will be marginalized, muted, ejected, insulted, smeared, and faced with other silencing tactics.

I do not believe the people running The Great Debate Community will do anything to fix any of this. They were offered a hand of friendship, private conversations to clear up misunderstandings. They refused.

The European Summit is ‘Make-or-Break’ for Merkel and the #EU!

If you want to know what’s actually happening in Geopolitics without having to read ridiculous Globalist Narrative from the disaster that is the Mainstream Media, Dr. Steve Turley is must-watching regularly.

Secularist Globalism is dying. Thank God.