Red Pill Religion: Who Is Philosophy Tiger?

The meanest man on the Internet talks about his background!

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Karen Straughan and her Fake Honeybadgers: Betrayal of Men’s Human Rights

We recently noticed that the University of Toronto’s Men’s Issues Awareness Society will be hosting Karen Straughan, of Red Pill Movie fame, and partner in the hideous anti-Christian and anti-Jewish “Honeybadger Brigade” — which it should be noted is nothing like the original Honeybadger Brigade from 2014, as seen in Cassie Jaye’s Red Pill Movie.

Karen Straughan has terribly betrayed most of the men who made her popular and accepted her as a standarbearer. She and her fake “Honeybadger Brigade” have run a years-long smear and harassment campaign against me and many others. Her group also spreads malicious anti-Christian and anti-Jewish hate propaganda, and MANY men on my team and friends of mine have faced persecution and harassment and lies from her and her fellows. She has also done much to suck money out of Cassie Jaye’s movie while Cassie Jaye gets crumbs, too.

Lots and lots of people are mad at this woman, including more than one to be found in Red Pill Movie. She will even lie and say I am mentally ill, “bitter,” mock me (and countless Veterans) for being “brain damaged,” and refuse to discuss specifics.
She may be facing legal action from more than one party before the year is out—ditto her partners in crime Alison Tieman, Mike “Randomercam” and possibly others in her circle. Please do not give her any support. And if you want to talk to me about it, the phone # is 248-242-0303. The specific charges are religious bigotry, religious abuse, harassment, slander, libel, and even (at least one report) physical assault from members of her “Honeybadger Brigade” team.
This is not a good person, and neither are her friends. I’m available to talk about it with any serious in inquirers, but before we talk you’ll have to accept: I represent more than one person, I do not make alegations lightly, and neither I nor anyone working with me will be mollified with words or entreaties for “unity” or told to “get over it.” She owes apologies and reparations to a lot of people, and if you trust her, she’ll eventually owe them to you too. She’s become the New Wooly Bumblebee.
Please do not support this woman in her speaking engagements, PARTICULARLY if you’re an audience that cares about the opinions of religious men.

Max & John C. Wright: The Rational, Logical Proofs for God

The ultimate red pill is they lied to us: there’s lots of proof for God. There is plenty of positive rational evidence. John and Max discuss the classical evidence everyone can understand that’s never changed, plus more.


John C. Wright – free stuff plus where to buy books!

Mrs. Wright, L. Jagi Lamplighter

Revisionist Liar Darkmatter2525’s on The Distributist: Debunked!

We don’t always get along with The Distributist, who doesn’t like our abrasive style, but we’ve had about enough of lying blowhards like DarkMatter2552, and in reality, with his lies, Dark Matter squelches important voices. Like most of the Atheist thug community he helped create.


The utterly full of it blowhard DarkMatter2525’s “The Revisionist”

Distributist’s actual video, which you know most Darkmatter’s fans will not bother watching or if they do will simply skim it looking for idiot comments to make about it that aren’t even honest:…


Men’s Human Rights Monday: Carnell Smith & Paternity Fraud

Can a woman use her ovaries and uterus as a weapon against you and your family? Why yes she can, and it’s not “misogyny” to notice. Join us as we talk about how Paternity Fraud is used to ruin men and their families.

Paternity Fraud Resources

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Red Pill Religion: Jordan Peterson, TJ Kirk, Lawrence Krauss Sex Abuse

Atheists are incoherent over Jordan Peterson. Why are we not surprised?

TJ Kirk admits Atheism is about nihilism hedonism self-destruction and self-destruction.…

Jordan Peterson “Struck a Nerve”…

The New Atheist Threat by CJ Werleman:…

The Goodreads Bullies:…

The Miracle of Hiroshima:…

Lawrence Krauss Sex Molester?…

Lawrence Krauss being deplatformed:…