Is the Strength of Women Their Facade of Weakness? | Dean Esmay #RPRF

Dean Esmay comments:

This is a phenomenal movie and we’re incredibly impressed with what Cassie Jaye has achieved with it. The data in it is all top notch and very reliable.

Beware, however: After the movie was done shooting and was in editing, a Bait-and-Switch was pulled, primarily by Alison Tieman who took over and subverted #HoneybadgerBrigade, and Peter Wright (not his real name, he’s an Australian NeoMarxist from Queensland named Jason) took over, purging anyone who was at all spiritual (including New Agers with a positive outlook, as well as multiple Christians like myself as well as believing Jews) and turned to a “Gynocentrism” theory which seeks to blame religious men (like me) for Feminism and to demonize anyone who doesn’t want to accept their Postmodernist theory.

Peter Wright’s AVfM and Alison Tieman’s Honeybadger Brigade are NOT the groups they were when this movie was shot, and people at those organizations have engaged in harassment, smearing, and intentional calumny of many of us, to erase us and erase our role and erase who we are now. They also worked to deplatform people from after-movie Q&A and ignored multiple people who had their own showings and faced discrimination.

They also portray themselves as “The Men’s Human Rights Activists” while not giving credit to ANYONE else.

Once again it’s not just one person, it’s many, some of them now working with me on the Red Pill Religion project. Do not trust Honeybadgers in 2018. Don’t trust people from A Voice for Men either. They aren’t what they appear to be.

SOME of the same people from the movie are real, but they backstabbed and smeared many others after the movie was in the can.

Men’s Rights are an important topic, but unfortunately, the A Voice for Men and the Honeybadger Brigade I was part of creating and shaping is no more. Don’t trust those people. Don’t (necessarily) follow us either; instead, take the information and start looking for the MANY MANY groups, on Facebook on other platforms and elsehwere on the Internet, who reject the hatred of religious men and reject the Postmodernist “Gynocentrism” theory.


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