Moneybadger Update + Jaclyn Glenn Is Totally NOT a Creepy Cultist

Moneybadger Update, plus Jaclyn Glenn proves Atheism is totally not a cult by showing how to convert a Christian to her own vapid ideological worldview of cheap shallow stupid Atheism.

Alison Tieman and Karen Straughan break two-year wall of silence against their critics, keep trying to be weasels about it:…

Karen Straughan’s Rationalization Hamster video:

Jaclyn’s Cult Recruitment Training Video:…

Other deconstructions of Ms. Glenn: Deflating Atheism: Jaclyn Glenn & Her Fanbois are Morons…

Jaclyn Glenn Debunked [Break the Mirror] Mystery Theology Theater 3000 by TektonTV

Jaclyn Glenn Tries to Disprove Christianity

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