The Liberalists: Dude Where’s Your Rights? What Principles?

Liberalists aren’t liberal. Just incoherent. Liberalist Stream #1: Their Supposed “Principles”… 2:252:42 (Individuals own themselves, government protects their rights so that they may be free) 2:473:13 (An explicit list of what individual rights are by Sargon)

20:0020:18 (Our critics at the Kumite aren’t for anything, they only define themselves as what they’re against)

22:1022:53 (Your property is yours and no one has a right to take it from you, but taxation is not theft)

22:5923:15 (What is taxed is effectively public property) 25:0325:40 (Dude, where’s my rights?)

26:5527:05 (A human right is the consequence of a principle, not a principle itself)

27:2727:35 (Rights are things we give ourselves, we determine what is a human right) —

Post-stream, here are what we think Liberalist principles are:

1: Absolute beliefs are absolutely bad and must be avoided.

2: There is no God (we absolutely “lack belief” that there is anything intelligent running the universe)

3: Religion is bad and dangerous

4: Religious people are dangerous and should be told to shut up and keep their ideas out of their own governance.

5: Except where it conflicts with 1-4, you should have absolute individual autonomy. (Read “We” and Plato’s Republic)

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