Max & The White Injun: EssenceOfThought lies about Hitler.

Lying about Hitler, “Essence of Sophistry” would be a better name for this guy. When Atheists lie about Hitler, they show more than in any other area just how Atheism, at least on the internet and in universities, is simply a malevolent hate movement–that actively mis-educates you and lies to you about history. And science. And pretty much everything else.

Hitler Was Christian And Genocide Is Biblical – Christian Sophistry #4

Essence of thought: 1:314:31, 6:417:41, 7:548:07, 8:3010:00, 10:1211:14, 11:2411:50, 12:0512:51, 13:3014:01, 16:5517:38, 17:3919:17 (prison stats arguments), 20:2420:57

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