Alex Jones, #QAnon & other conspiracy theories, and today’s politics

Conspiracy theories are laughed at culturally–and yet, we know conspiracies are real and that conspiracies happen all the time in politics. In fact if you’ve ever been seriously involved in politics you’ve been in some sort of conspiracy yourself. Mainstream Media is now all but universally mistrusted and even condemned. This leaves us with a question: what sources of information do we trust, and why do we trust them? The MSM is controlled. Independent media is challenging because you don’t know who to trust there either. We’re all stuck with that. And social media’s only a little better, because social media can be used by people who lie, or are delusional… or by people desperately trying get out the truth. Rathergate, Gamergate, Obamagate, QAnon, conspiracy theories in general: how should we really approach information that goes against Mainstream Media and Education Narratives?

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