7 Men Alison Tieman Paul Elam & Karen Straughan Call Nutjobs

Religious men are insane according to the Honeybadger Brigade and A Voice for Men’s founder. Can they back that up with any science? By what professional standards do they make this diagnosis? Can they explain why treating religious men like they are a threat or are retarded or insane is consistent with a Men’s Human Rights message? Can they explain why ANY man in this conversation is insane or dangerous? We don’t think they can. We think they just hate anyone who believes there’s a God and won’t hate Christians and believing Jews (or non-religious Theists) with them. But we doubt they’ll ever answer any of this honestly, or with any sort of integrity. Because they aren’t human rights advocates. They’re anti-feminists who hate Christians and Jews more than feminists. And that’s all they are. NB: Watch out for any so-called “Christians” who stand by them. Any doing so should come talk to their brother Christians about the concerns here first. Otherwise they’re fakers.

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