#TWIS Will Sargon keep acting like Steve Shives? @the_liberalists

Evading critics is a Sargon & Shives specialty, it seems.

Non-believers call on God when faced with a crisis – despite insisting they’re not religious http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic…
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Sargon, you have made numerous false statements about me and my team, and have refused to acknowledge or correct your errors. Some of your statements about me are likely actionable in UK libel court and I would suggest to you that there’s a point where you can no longer call yourself “liberal” when you routinely smear and distort and wreck the reputations of people you don’t even bother talking to. I think you’re no different at all in this regard from a Steve Shives or an Anita Sarkeesian: you bash people, you spread false narratives out of ignorance, and you do your best to smear, malign, and distort your critics, without ever being willing to talk to them face to face or be confronted on your own ideas by your critics. If it’s all a misunderstanding, I invite you to bring the Red Pill Religion team onto a stream to talk about who I really am, who this team of people is, and what we’re really about. We’re not all Catholic, we’re not all even Christian, and we talk all the time with people, including honorable, decent Atheists, like Coach Red Pill, Academic Agent, Keith Preston, and a ton of other pretty cool Atheists. Before I turn the floor over to these young men–they’re all younger than you I believe–let me note that they’re not all American and not all Catholic. And I know a number of British religious people, none could be here but I can arrange for that as well. The truth is, sir, you DO NOT live in an Atheist country. You in fact live in a country full of religious people, and the religious are rising not falling. Including Christianity, which is undergoing a revival in your own country. The question you therefore need to answer is this: If you truly are a liberal sir, how do you plan on getting along with religious people? Because most of us aren’t particularly interested in being degraded and maligned by you. And degrading and maligning us is the OPPOSITE of liberal, tolerant, and inclusive. So, as Dave the Distributist has asked (and you’ve ignored): WHEN will you grow up enough to TALK TO PEOPLE WHO THINK DIFFERENT FROM YOU SIR? I will ask it again: how can you POSSIBLY consider yourself an open-minded liberal and REFUSE to talk to people you criticize and REFUSE to be confronted on your own beliefs? How ARE you different from Steve Shives or Laci Green or Anita Sarkeesian sir? Except that you’re anti- instead of pro-feminist, how are you truly different? You do EVERYTHING you accuse them of. Or you seem to. When will that change? With that I’ll turn it over to the crowd, and I’ll be back to wrap this up. –Max

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