Bigot Bully Harasser and Doxxer Steve McRae

This morning I was alerted that Steve McRae, the well-known dishonest bully, was up to his old tricks. On the so-called “Great Debate Community” (a group of Lockstep GroupThink ideologues) he mentions me–and then doxxes me and links to anonymous “Skeptic” hate sites in the Atheist cult network like the Encyclopedia of American Loons. (

McRae is fully aware that Atheists on the internet routinely harass, doxx, censor, deplatform, and otherwise bully people. He is fully aware that my children have received harassment and threats from his fellow Atheists. He is fully aware that the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” is not a credible publication, it’s just a blog put together by some of his fellow hate cult “Skeptics.”

Why use non-credible source and doxx people? Well, that would be because he’s a hatemonger and bully who can’t defend his ideology.

McRae also likes to pretend he’s a philosopher. He isn’t. He mostly just makes things up off the top of his head. But that’s another conversation.

Here’s our video response. Please, if you see Steve McRae, ask him to stop doxxing his critics, using non-credible hate sites as his source, and to leave my children alone.


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