Max & John C. Wright: Violence inherent to Atheism

Is the Atheist worldview inherently violent? We suspect so. How are we wrong, do you think?

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John C. Wright’s blog & other goodies:

A Manual for Creating Atheists:…

Martyred in the USSR:

The Atheist Violence Problem as we’ve discussed on other shows: The Week in Atheist Stupid #1:…

Texas Church Shooting by Christian-hating Atheist who hung out in Atheist forums:

The Skeptic Feminist murder — which we think happened because of Atheism and Skepticism more than any other factor:

Secular vs. Religious regimes and Violence:


Godless Cranium’s Damsel-in-Distress Baloney: A correction and challenge

Godless Cranium pretends he’s a Free Speech martyr. He’s not. He probably won’t give a straight answer to this, either.

Will he pledge to protect religious people who get doxxed, harassed, deplatformed, or otherwise censored? Will he stand by us, even though we don’t like him and he doesn’t like us? We don’t think Atheists are sincere when they say they’re for free speech. Do you believe him?

Bully Steve McRae continues Atheism’s Doxx & Harass Tradition

Steve McRae continues online Atheism’s decade-long habit of doxxing and harassing.

McRae’s dishonest ad hom with fake references:…

More commentary on the bigot bully harasser who uses fake sources, Steve McRae.…

Bigot Bully Harasser and Doxxer Steve McRae

This morning I was alerted that Steve McRae, the well-known dishonest bully, was up to his old tricks. On the so-called “Great Debate Community” (a group of Lockstep GroupThink ideologues) he mentions me–and then doxxes me and links to anonymous “Skeptic” hate sites in the Atheist cult network like the Encyclopedia of American Loons. (

McRae is fully aware that Atheists on the internet routinely harass, doxx, censor, deplatform, and otherwise bully people. He is fully aware that my children have received harassment and threats from his fellow Atheists. He is fully aware that the “Encyclopedia of American Loons” is not a credible publication, it’s just a blog put together by some of his fellow hate cult “Skeptics.”

Why use non-credible source and doxx people? Well, that would be because he’s a hatemonger and bully who can’t defend his ideology.

McRae also likes to pretend he’s a philosopher. He isn’t. He mostly just makes things up off the top of his head. But that’s another conversation.

Here’s our video response. Please, if you see Steve McRae, ask him to stop doxxing his critics, using non-credible hate sites as his source, and to leave my children alone.


Deflating & Escaping: The Week In Atheist Stupid #TWIS

Genetically Modified Skeptic has dropped a jaw-droppingly dumb video. Deflating & Max take a look. Much hilarity ensues.

Useful Graphic:

Hitchens was a vile man who is not missed by anyone sane.

Odious toffeenosed smarmy shallow hateful Atheist fop and bigot Stephen Fry:

Sargon rationalizes away how a “skeptical” nihilist worldview couldn’t possibly have anything to do with violence.…

The Skeptic Feminist Killing — the Atheism had everything to do with it.…

Genetically Modified Skeptic’s”If Atheists Argued Like Theists”…

Conservapedia’s extremely well-referenced pages on Atheism. (Watch cowardly Atheists just make excuses to avoid addressing the data):

Vox Day’s “The Irrational Atheist” – handy book, and you should notice how Atheists lie about its all the time and try to attack the author instead:…

Richard Dawkins is a Proven Pseudoscientist and Cult Leader

Richard Dawkins is a fraud, like the other Four Horsemen (except maybe Dennett). An essay with references.


Richard Dawkins is a Proven Pseudoscientist and Cult Leader:…

Richard Dawkins Comes to Call on Rupert Sheldrake:…

Saturday Night Nerdstream for Actual nerds

Tired of Fake Nerds pretending to be interested in nerd stuff? Whether they’re hipster douches or perimenopausal Honeybadgers? Whether you’re religious or not join us on the Nerdstream tonight where Andrew Strateletes, Alexander Athanasius, Jean Baptiste, Max, and others join in to talk comics, RPGs and other games, cool movies, and more.

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Richard Dawkins Comes to Call on Rupert Sheldrake

In 2007, Richard Dawkins visited Rupert Sheldrake at home to interview him for his TV series Enemies of Reason. Rupert proved an uncooperative “proponent of superstition” providing no useful footage or soundbites. He also unreasonably wanted to discuss scientific research on intuition..