3 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Meme – EA Original”

  1. WHAT DOES JORDAN PETERSEN BELIEVE EXACTLY? He doesn’t appear to believe in God and Jesus as actual entities. He appears to believe that God and Jesus and The Holy Spirit are abstractions of humanity’s historical quest to discover mankind’s purpose. He appears to be trying to take biblical tales and extract meanings to them that line up with the scientific narrative of evolution.

    1. He isn’t Atheist either. He has criticized Atheism in the past. Plus his interpretations of the Bible actually line up more with mainstream eastern orthodox teachings. He is explaining our beliefs accurately in a way Atheists understand. He is an ally and works with eastern orthodox possibly Judaism to understand what we believe.

      The Bible is entirely abstract. He doesn’t confirm or deny believing in God or Jesus. The only thing that is definitive is he argues that people should act as if these things exist.

      I made this meme. This is an accurate quote pulled from a YouTube video of his.

      1. Act as if “these things” in the Bible existed? I have read the Bible, and there are a heck of a lot of “things” in it. I suspect even P has a restricted list as to which things one is supposed to take away from the Bible. I also suspect that most people who say they believe,the Bible cover to cover havent read all that lies between the covers.

        I also am not a fan of all the things that conservative religious clerics including the Eastern Orthodox whom you mentioned say must be believed and practiced.