‘Atheism Is The Only Logical Worldview,’ Says Man Who Was Converted To Atheism By Memes

CHARLESTON, SC—Reddit user dawkins_disciple_666 posted a long, meandering rant online Thursday wherein he argued that atheism is the only mature, rational position one can hold regarding the existence of God.

The 34-year-old Redditor was converted to atheism by a series of memes on the internet, sources discovered Thursday.

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One thought on “‘Atheism Is The Only Logical Worldview,’ Says Man Who Was Converted To Atheism By Memes”

  1. Hi Dean, My name is Frank Smith from Ohio, I’m a Christian and listen to your videos on youtube. I ran across an article on Vox, (I’ll post the link) that talks about a study done by Will Gervais a Professor of Psychology at the University of Kentucky back in January of this year I think (I post a link to the study below also), that seeks to study if atheism in the United States is under reported. To do this, his study polls 2000 Americans using what is called the “Unmatched Count Technique”. It’s a type of indirect measurement. Unlike the Gallop and Pew research polls that peg atheism and agnosticism at around 11%, his study came back with an estimate of 26%. He attributes this stark deviation from Pew and Gallup as being the result of stigma against atheists. That is to say, atheists when asked in telephone or online polls the direct question of whether or not they believe in God, even though the questions and answers are asked and given anonymously, the atheist will basically lie and say they believe in God because they fear anti-atheist stigma and “pressures to be religious”. The technique is described at length on Page 6 of the study, and Page 7 begins the discussion of the procedure. It is somewhat interesting that at the bottom of Page 19, it also describes how their test also indicated in its Sample II of the procedure, that 34% of participants believed that the answer to 2+2 was not less than 13. Have you ever heard of this technique before? Is this technique more accurate than the reports of Gallup and Pew? What do you think of the overall results.
    https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/4/13/15258496/american-atheists-how-many (news article)
    https://www.atheists.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/How-Many-Atheists-Are-There-Gervais.pdf (study itself)

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