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Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.We’ve been granted permission to publish Professor Borden Painter, Jr’s Curriculum Vitae (CV). For those unfamiliar with CVs, they’re equivalent to academic resumes. As can be seen below, Professor Painter has had an outstanding career.

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Borden Painter, Jr. Curriculum Vitae

  • Trinity College, B.A. with Honors in History, 1958
  • Yale University, M.A. 1959, Ph.D. 1965, History
  • General Theological Seminary, M. Div. cum laude, 1963

“The Anglican Vestry in Colonial America”

Areas of Major Interest
  • Tudor and Stuart England
  • Renaissance and Reformation Europe
  • Modern Italy
  • American Church History
Grants and Honors:

Mead History Prize, 1955; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gammu Mu; Pi Gamma Mu Scholarship Award, 1958; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1958-59; Yale Visiting Faculty Program, 1975; Study Grant, Cesare Barbieri Center of Italian Studies, 1977; Trinity Club of Hartford “Man of the Year,” 1977; NEH Category C Seminar at Brown University 1979-80; Summer Grant, Trinity College Faculty Research Committee, 1980; NEH Summer Seminar at Yale University, 1987; Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary, Trinity College 1995); Eigenbrodt Cup (Trinity Alumni Award) 1995; Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary, Charter Oak State College 2005); Doctor of Divinity (Honorary, The General Theological Seminary 2005).


“Vestry in Colonial New England,” The Historical Magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church, XLIV: 4 (December 1975).

“The Vestry in the Middle Colonies,” HMPEC, XLVII: 1 (March 1978)

“Bishop Gray and the Anglican Congress of 1954,” HMPEC, XLIX  2 (June 1980)

Editor, Mussolini and Italian Fascism, a special issue of the Cesare Barbieri Courier published by the Cesare Barbieri Endowment for Italian Culture, Trinity College, 1980.

“Anglican Terminology in Recent Tudor and Stuart Historiography,” Anglican and Episcopal History (formerly HMPEC), LVI: 3 (September 1987)

Three 600-word biographies for Biographical Dictionary of British Radicals in the Seventeenth Century [“Nathaniel Burt, Jr.,” “William Cole,” “Samuel Moyer”], R. L. Greaves and R. Zaller, editors, Harvester Press, 1982-85.

“Renzo De Felice and the Historiography of Italian Fascism,” American Historical Review, 95:2 (April 1990).

Editor, Perspectives on Italy, Essays in Honor of Michael R. Campo (Trinity College Barbieri Endowment for Italian Culture, 1992); contributed essay: “American Historians and Modern Italy.”

“American Films in Fascist Propaganda: The Case of the Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution, 1942-43,”Film and History, XXII:3 (September, 1992).

“Historicizing Nenni” in Italian Socialism, Between Politics and History, Spencer M. Di Scala, editor (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1996).

“Renzo De Felice, the Resistance and the Historian’s Task,” Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 4:1 (Spring 1999).

“Renzo De Felice and the Historian’s Task,” Italian Quarterly, XXXVI (Summer-Fall 1999).

“Rome” in Europe Since 1914, Encyclopedia of the Age of War & Reconstruction,  edited by John Merriman and Jay Winter (Thomson Gale, 2006)

“Italian Fascist Revolution,” in Revolutionary Movements in World History, From 1750 to the Present,, edited by James V. DeFronzo (Santa Barbara: ABC-Clio, 2006)

Mussolini’s Rome, Rebuilding the Eternal City (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, pb 2007)

“Ignoring Century’s Godless Atrocities,” Hartford Courant Op-Ed, August 5, 2007

“The New Atheism: Denying God and History,” (Review Article) Conversations in Religion and Theology, 6:1 (2008)

“Mussolini and Rome,” in A Companion to the City of Rome, edited by Amanda Claridge and Claire Holleran (Wiley-Blackwell) forthcoming

“New Atheism’s Old—and Flawed –History,” Historically Speaking, The Bulletin of the Historical Society, XIII:5 (November 2012)

 The New Atheist Denial of History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, pb 2016))

Papers Presented:

“Preaching in the Sixteenth Century: Reform, Censorship, and Propaganda,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, 1980.

“Parochial Preaching: A Tudor Dilemma,” New England Conference on British Studies,     1981.

“Elizabeth and Preaching,” American Society for Reformation Research Joint Meeting with the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, 1983.

“Hearers of the Word: The Anglican–Puritan Contest and Competition for the Audience,” Paper presented to Seminar on “Shakespeare and Oral Culture” at the Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America, Seattle, 1987.

“Renzo De Felice and the Historiography of Italian Fascism,” The Southern Historical Association Annual Meeting, Norfolk, Virginia, 1988.

“Fascist Images of War and Revolution: The 1942 Version of La Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista,” Duquesne European History Forum, October 1989.

“A Crisis of Identity: Fascism, Nazism and Communism in History and Current Politics,” Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences,” March 1991.

“Art and Propaganda in the ‘Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution’ of 1942-43,” New England Historical Association, April 1991 and Society of Italian Historical Studies, December 1991.

“Three Faces of Italian Fascism: the Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista (1931-1934, 1937-1940 and 1942-1943)” Columbia University Seminar on Modern Italian Studies, December, 1993.

“Historicizing Pietro Nenni,” International Symposium on Italian Democratic Socialism,   Boston, March 1993.

“Defining Fascism After Communism,” American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 1994.

“Three Faces of Italian Fascism: The Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista” Emiliana Pasca Noether Lecture Series, University of Connecticut, March, 1995.

“Fascism, Post-Fascism and Italian Politics Today” New England Historical Association,April 1995.  Also presented at Society of Italian Historical Studies Program at American Historical Association Annual Meeting, January 1996.

“Where Have All the Fascists Gone: Fascism and the New Right in Italy,” Cesare Barbieri Endowment for Italian Culture Lecture Series, Trinity College, February 1996.

“Three Faces of Fascism: The Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista” at the Italian Graduate                Colloquium, City University of New York, December 1997.

“Bias in the Historiography of Fascism in Cold War Italy,” at Indiana University conference on Cold War Culture, February 1999.

“Rome: The Eternal and Ever-changing City, 1922-2000,” Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, October 1999.

“Mussolini’s Rome, The Fascist Transformation of the Eternal City,” Boston University, March 2001

“Mussolini’s Rome: a Historical Tour of Rome during Fascism, World War II and the Resistance,”

Columbia University Seminar on Modern Italian Studies, March 2003.

“Mussolini’s Rome.” University of Scranton, March 2007.

“Church Wars in Colonial Connecticut,” Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut, November 2008.

“The New Atheism: Denying God and History,” Hartford Seminary April 2009.

Other Professional Activity:

Organized a conference on “Mussolini and Italian Fascism” sponsored by the Cesare Barbieri Center of Italian Studies and Trinity College, October 1982.  Participants included  Denis Mack Smith of Oxford, Renzo De Felice of Rome, and other major scholars from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Italy.  Papers subsequently published in English in the Italian Quarterly, XXIV, no. 93 (Summer 1983) and in Italian Rassegna degli Archivi di Stato, XLIII/2-3 (1983).

Panel Organizer and Moderator: “Tudor Anglicanism,” American Society for Reformation               Research Joint Meeting with the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, 1984.

Panel Member to Review Grant Proposals in European History for the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1983 and 1984.

NEH Translations Program.  Reviewed proposal to translate Il Culto del Littorio (Rome-Bari: Laterza, 1993) by Emilio Gentile, 1994.

“Encompassing Columbus: Five Renaissance Lives” Lecture/discussion series sponsored by the New England Foundation for the Humanities for presentation in public libraries.  Presentations in Farmington (1992), Suffield (1992), West Hartford (1993), and New Haven (1993), Conn.

Member of team to evaluate University of Michigan–University of Wisconsin Academic Year Program in Florence, Italy, November 1995.

Trinity College Center for Collaborative Teaching and Research: Grant for project on “Politics, People, Places and Spaces in Rome from Fascism to Democracy,” Spring Term 1999

Professional Organizations:
  • American Historical Association
  • New England Historical Association, Vice-President 1997-98
  • President 1998-99
  • Church Historical Society
  • Society for Italian Historical Studies
Positions at Trinity College:
Department of History
  • Part-time:  1964-66, Assistant Professor
  • Full-time:  1966 – present
  • 1970, Associate Professor
  • 1978, Professor
  • Acting-Chairman:  1974
  • Chairman:  1974-79, 1989-93
  • Director, Transition to College Plan, 1966-69
  • Rome Campus: Faculty Member, Summer 1971, Fall 1996, Fall 2000k
  • Director, Summer 1974; Acting Director Fall 1996
  • Coordinator, Freshman Seminar Program, 1970-71
  • Coordinator, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, 1978-94
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees, Cesare Barbieri Endowment for Italian Studies, 1981-98
  • Acting Dean of the Faculty, 1984-85; Dean of the Faculty, 1985-87
  • Director of Italian Programs (Rome Program, Rome Summer Program, Elderhostel in Italy) 1989 – 2004
  • Interim President of the College, 1994-95, 2003-04
  • Named Trinity College’s 20th President, 2004
Trinity Community Service:

Educational Policy Committee, Appointments and Promotions Committee, Appointments and Promotions Appeals Board, Faculty Committee on Fraternities and Sororities; Curriculum Revision Committee (1967-69), Planning Committee for Individualized Degree Program [for older, non-resident undergraduates] (1971-73), Curriculum Review Committee (Chair, 1979-80), Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan (1991-92), Secretary, Connecticut Beta of Phi Beta Kappa (1993-2004), Admissions Committee (1998-2003), Chairman 2002-03, Graduate Advisor to M.A. Students in History (1998-2004), Graduate Advisory Committee (1998-2004), Presidential Search Committee (2001).

Community Activities:

Ordained Priest in the Episcopal Church, Member of the Diocese of Connecticut

Occasional lectures and talks in schools, local historical societies, churches and alumni groups

Member, Faculty of Consulting Examiners for Charter Oak State College, (Connecticut’s External Degree Program), Board of State Academic Awards, Connecticut (Appointed by the Governor) 1980 – 1999

Charter Oak State College Foundation
  • President, 1988-1993
  • Vice President, 1994-96
  • Board of Directors 1996–2010

Member, Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities, Connecticut (Appointed by the Governor) 1979-85

President, New England Chapter, Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, 1982-85

Member, Diocesan Archives Committee (Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut) 1981 – Present

Member, Committee II of the Commission on the Ministry (Committee Examines

Candidates for Ordination in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut) 1984-90

Scholarship Committee, The Emhart Corporation, 1989

President, Society for the Increase of the Ministry, 1988-1993; Executive Committee 1997-2004

Vice-President, Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vice-President 1997-2006

Board of Directors, Seabury Retirement Community, Bloomfield, 1998-2010; President 2009-10

Board of Directors, The Bridge Family Center, West Hartford, 1996-99

Member, Evaluation Task Force for Webster-Hill Elementary School, West Hartford, 1997

Board of Trustees, Connecticut Historical Society, 2005-2014

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