New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 3

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Part 3 picks up the discussion with New Atheist Denial of History’s Professor Borden Painter with journalistic assumptions about religion.

Conversation continues backward in time with the section covering the Medieval/middle ages and Renaissance Period. Professor Painter mentions “Dark Ages” as Victorian term to describe the era as incorrect description. Professor Painter then discusses advances during the medieval era and the dated and distorted model of middle ages as nothing but unthinking superstition.

Max discusses his personal frustration with the term “Dark Ages”. Mentions that once Latin stopped being the universal spoken language it was more difficult to determine timelines, etc – or history “went dark”.

After the historical section, New Atheist Denial of History covers “history out of bounds” which gives examples new atheist history is similar to Holocaust denial techniques.  Professor Painter discusses a libel lawsuit. Max and Professor Painter have a side discussion about Holocaust denial histories.

Final section of New Atheist Denial of History discusses what’s at stake when history becomes distorted. Max suggests that no prominent atheists will refute Professor Painter because such atheists are propagandists, not rationalists or skeptics.

Max asks about the promotion of the book when it was published. Professor Painter details how the admittedly ugly cover came to be and the book falling through the cracks at his publisher. He also mentions his frustration with pricing. Painter Painter offers that the audience was college classrooms and he hopes that it will get that into those venues.

Max ends the interview with what question should I have asked? Professor Painter mentions how much he enjoyed writing the book. Max closes by recommending New Atheist Denial of History with high praise for anyone interested in refuting atheist historical assertions.

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