New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 2

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Professor Borden Painter continues his discussion with Max Kolbe regarding atheist mis-representations of history from his book New Atheist Denial of History. The first topic in this part is Hitler’s views and trying to make him Catholic, rather than his obvious hostility to Christianity.Max discusses The League of Militant Atheist and it’s propaganda showing up in the new atheist movement.

Max sums up 20th century section of his book and then the discussion moves onto 19th century history misrepresentations. Professor Painter points out the model of science at war with religion is outdated and flawed.  Max mentions that universities historically were founded by religious denominations.

Discussion turns to the rise of the modern state and issues’s with Steven Pinker’s work. Professor Painter discusses frustration with journalists who simply assume religion was the cause of intolerance.

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