Deflating and Escaping Atheism: Atheists hate Jesus. And you.

Listen as Deflating and Escaping Atheism discuss atheist reactions to Jesus, how atheism makes you boring, and the lack of rigor in atheist science, logic, and history.

Escaping Atheism’s Max Kolbe discuss a typical atheist reaction to a livecast before it’s even begun. Deflating Atheism and Max discuss the lack of rigor of most atheist thought and lack of accomplishment in atheist “celebrities”. Specific examples regarding communism and science history.  Discussion of lack of accomplishment by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Richard Carrier.

Max later shows a video of young protesters and their reaction to a very specific phrase that suggests the level of indoctrination that atheist thought has imposed on young people. Deflating Atheism mentions that most atheists are “cry bullies”. They ask for a place at the table, while assuming they should be at the head of it.

The segment ends with the a discussion of the agnostic Ethical Skeptic, an excellent resource for true skepticism and a request for any help you can give on Patreon.

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