Best source for scientific info on Atheism: Conservapedia

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We want to take a few minutes to tell you about a very useful Anti-Atheist source: Conservapedia and its main article on Atheism, and the many sub-articles it goes into.

Now many of you are going to dislike this source purely for the reason that it calls itself “conservative.” The word “Conservative” is very politically charged and carries a lot of assumptions, good and bad. However, that would be an exercise in what is known as the Ad Hominem fallacy: assuming you can dismiss an argument because of the people it comes from.

In reality, you CAN sometimes dismiss a source because you consider it unreliable. But if an “unreliable” source has objective data and references you can check for yourself, why care? If a Communist tells you the sky is blue he’s probably right; if a libertarian tells you cyanide will kill you he’s certainly correct; and if a right-wing Fundamentalist Christian tells you there are studies showing that ATheists live shorter lives and have fewer children, that right-wing Fundamentalist Christian is correct, even if you don’t like anything else he stands for.

The Conservapedia article is like that, and otherwise amazing: if you want to debunk frequent Atheist talking points, this is one of your best go-to sources. Here you will find ideological Atheist history and science examining Atheism as a political and social force. You’ll also find some of the best debunking of Atheist lies on the internet.

You’ve heard that Atheists are smarter. This is debunked. You’ve heard ATheists are better at science. This is debunked. You’ve heard Atheists have higher IQs. This is debunked. You’ve heard religion is the enemy of science. This is debunked. You’ve heard religious people just use their holy books while Atheists just use fact and logic. This is debunked. You’ve heard religion is a delusion. This is debunked. You’ve heard religious people are more obedient and less likely to think for thsmelves. This is debunked. You’ve even heard that it’s very rare for people to go back to being religious after becoming ATheist, and this is debunked. You’ve heard that children raised Atheist generally never become religious, when in fact MOST children from Atheist or Atheistic-households eventually become religious after all.

In case after case after case, things you believe about Atheists, and about the Religious, particularly Christians but other religions, are easily debunked by the many many many scientific and reliable references in Conservapedia. We here at Escaping ATheism kind of wish they’d use a less politically charged name for their site, but the information in these articles is gold no matter what.

Regardless of your politics, regardless of your religious views, please do yourself a favor: start checking the Conservapedia articles on Atheism. If you do so, you’ll be shocked how many phony Atheist claims are in the culture.

Atheists peddle pseudoscience. They peddle phony history. They lie about Atheist character. They lie about their ideology. And while there are many sources to go to debunk Atheist propaganda, this is probably your best starting point, especially when you hear a stupid lie like “Atheism is just lack of belief” or “Atheism makes no claims” or “There is no evidence for God” or “Atheists are smarter or more scientific.”

Conservapedia’s articles on Atheism are devastating. We strongly suggest checking out this source whenver you’re being bullied by an Atheist making claims that make it sound like religion is dead or dying or evil or that Atheism is the future.

Go check it out.

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