Helping a Father and Son Escape from Atheism

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Why Atheism and TJ Kirk are ridiculous

All religious people should read and listen to TJ Kirk talk about religion. Christians especially should take note. This man wants to convert your children. He’ll call it “deconverting” because that’s the terminology his cult uses. Anyway, please do watch, and start paying attention to these people. They want to control your life and your kids’s life, and they lie when they say otherwise.

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Why Everybody Hates Atheism: Dissecting Kyle Kulinski

Escaping Atheism and Deflating Atheism throw on their waders and dive into the intellectual sewer of Kyle Kulinski’s “POLL: 63% Of Americans ‘Absolutely Certain’ God Exists”— as video that represents the absolute nadir of atheist stupidity, and the point at which New Atheism’s utter lack of promise becomes supremely manifest.

People should not impose their religious beliefs on others…

…which is why I’ll use government to impose my atheism on you.

We’ve lost the focus on communism in recent years. All forms of communism are organized, enforced atheism. More recently atheists have sued to remove memorial crosses from public cemetaries and similiar actions.