0 thoughts on “Plato’s Cave Image / God and the Atheist”

    1. Lmao. Look at this rational argument! Not emotionally driven or deserving to be mocked because this post hurt your feelings or your ideological belief.

      If I mock feminists for doing the same. I sure as fuck am going to mock anyone who makes an motional response.

      But then again people who make decisions based on feelings, I think are retarded. Make a better argument ideolog.

      1. Get off the Internet. Seriously. Your religion has been debunked thousands of times before, and I’m willing to debunk it right here and fucking now if you’re not willing to do some damn research. I’m talking about God as a concept, as well as the Bible. It’s all fucking retarded.

      2. 1. No.
        2. Seriously, no.
        3. Not successfully.
        4. I doubt you grasp the concept.
        5. No, it isn’t, and anyone who would think it is, is mentally deficient.