Brass Wisdom Episode 24 Religious Affilation and Altruism [Mirror]

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Aaron Clarey Captain Capitalism Doesn’t Understand Christianity or Atheism

Support Someone ask Aaron Clarey aka Captain Capitalism if he’s ever asked himself WHY it is that MANY religious people find ATHEISTS annoying. This is an old video Aaron never bothered to acknkowledge or respond to (chicken!) but Max needs a night off so we thought you’d enjoy. Maybe someone can can get Aaron to acknowledge a serious critic in good cheer and humor?

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DESTROYED! 2 Minute Facts 10 Logical Reasons God Doesn’t Exist #RedPillReligion

Shallow ill-informed “2-Minute Facts” throws a bunch of crap against the wall and hopes some of it will stick. They’re totally unconvincing. John Max, Mr. Brass, White Injun, and Ghost of Buckley as we take them on!

2 Minute “Facts”