Friday Night Red Pill Religion: Deflating Atheism, Max, and Nonsequiturs

Join Max, Deflating Atheism, and others to talk about bad history and abuse stemming from the Atheist community–and those trying to fix it.

Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler…

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David G. Dalin:


Trump confronts Kim Jonn Un about Christian Persecution in North Korea:…

Press Release: Trump ‘Bold’ Talk on North Korean Christians:…

Planned Stream: Science Fiction Writers Talk About Publishing in the early 21st Century!

Science Fiction is a wasteland of Politically Correct, croney-laden publishers. Most self-publishing solutions generation nothing. How do you sell books in the early 21st Century? Join professional writers Brian Neiemeier, Russell Newquist, Nick Col, and John C. Wright as we discuss navigating Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing in 2018!

Be sure to tune in and join us on Sunday the 17th at 9pm US Eastern!

Max & John C. Wright: Spiritual Experiences, Are They Mental Illness or Stupidity?

Countless people have had paranormal and supernatural and spiritual encounters. Is it appropriate to assume they’re all mentally ill, deluded, simpleminded, or delusional? Max and John C. Wright discuss.

John C. Wright’s blog:

Mrs. Wright’s site:

The Ethical Skeptic:

Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Nobel Prize Winning Biochemist Kary Mullis…

Polymerase Chain Reaction…

Machiavelli Quote: ““It may be, however, as certain philosophers maintain, that the air is peopled with spirits who by their superior intelligence foresee future events and out of pity for mankind warn them by such signs so that they may prepare against the coming evils.”

The Ghost of Caesar:
This is the Shakespeare version:

Enter the GHOST of Caesar
How ill this taper burns!—Ha, who comes here?
I think it is the weakness of mine eyes
That shapes this monstrous apparition.
It comes upon me.—Art thou any thing?
Art thou some god, some angel, or some devil
That makest my blood cold and my hair to stare?
Speak to me what thou art.

Thy evil spirit, Brutus.

Why comest thou?

To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi.

Well, then I shall see thee again?

Ay, at Philippi.

People waste time debating why Shakespeare added that scene. He added it because it was the part of the recorded history.

Here is Plutarch, from chapter 46 of his LIFE OF BRUTUS:

“Once, accordingly, when he [Brutus] was about to take his army across from Asia, it was very late at night, his tent was dimly lighted, and all the camp was wrapped in silence. Then, as he was meditating and reflecting, he thought he heard some one coming into the tent. He turned his eyes towards the entrance and beheld a strange and dreadful apparition, a monstrous and fearful shape standing silently by his side. Plucking up courage to question it, “Who art thou,” said he, “of gods or men, and what is thine errand with me?” Then the phantom answered: “I am thy evil genius, Brutus, and thou shalt see me at Philippi.” And Brutus, undisturbed, said: “I shall see thee.”

Red Pill Religion: Bionic Dance’s “A Logic Lesson for Atheists and Christians”

The Grand Old Dame of YouTube Atheism, Bionic Dance, has some logic for us. We give her some logic back. A good time should be had by all!

Bionic Dance shows us her logic skills

Time points:
3:03-3:49 talks about Christianity and fornication
3:50-4:50 talks about missing the mark having a “black and white”understanding of Christianity
4:57-6:00 compares the religious/atheist argument to a court case
7:05-7:47 basically talks about God’s “morals”
9:01-9:40 strawmans missing the mark saying he won’t say why his side is right
9:42-10:00 basically saying she doesn’t think atheism isn’t correct, that region hasn’t proved anything to her

Red Pill Religion: #LGBTQ+ Bullies and Political Litmus Tests

Anti-Theists have recently made their desired role as Thought Police to everybody who won’t be Atheist with them plain. When we call them out for it, some now try to make it out that we are “Anti-Gay” because we question the Gender Binary and are no longer sure “gay” exists as a discreet orientation. Tonight we discuss how ideologues, when caught out confessing their real attitude, try to change the subject!

Owen Benjamin: It’s Time To Take Back the Rainbow

Free Will vs Determinism: Does our Autonomy Supersede God’s Sovereignty?

By: Jennifer J. Lokken

In regards to, the issue with Sam Harris, the fact is we are actually not autonomous creatures, which is where most who are Free Will absolutist are wrong.

We are social creatures, as we have a biological drive to create more of us, to create associations beyond that of individual families, other social organizations are evidence of our need and drive to create a something beyond ourselves.

The question of our autonomy, is what is the source of this bigger thing that determines what gives us our meaning. The two worldveiws that determine how we view this, there is heteronomously, which is the secular in nature and the root of the establishing of governments and states and nations. The other is theonomously or authority of God Himself, which must not supersede the heteronomous system in order for the governance of that system to be moral instead of nothing but the raw pursuit of power of the the individual, but to seek justice.

Justice was most aptly defined by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

“Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity. Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of justice.”

In the theological aspect of things, the free Will vs Determinism argument is put in the terms of Free Will(“Arminianism is Pelagian, denying original sin and total depravity – No system of Arminianism founded on Arminius or Wesley denies original sin or total depravity”) vs God’s sovereignty(“Calvinism: the Protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors, which develops Luther’s doctrine of justification by faith alone and emphasizes the grace of God and the doctrine of predestination.”

Of these two doctrines, the truth is that our free will can only operate in the parameters of God’s Sovereignty, because the creation can supersede that of it’s creator, put differently, the finite cannot comprehend the infinite.

So, in a sense both you and Harris are right, in so far as, in the battle of ideas, of Free Will vs Determinism, the truth is, your Free Will has been Pre-Determined. Because we cannot go beyond God’s Sovereignty without leaving the physical reality and we would lose all capability to comprehend and reason apart from God.

This is why Atheist must borrow their morality and Ethics from a Christian worldview, they actually are incapable of creating their own. They try to get around this by using Utilitarian approach to ethics and morality, but that is nothing more than heteronomously being ruled by the majority and history is repleat with examples of how bad it is to let the majority decide much of anything. Or they claim that ethnics and morality are autonomously defined, but that is not the case because then claim appeals to authority to put deal with those who don’t fall in line with the ethics established by the majority.

I could go on and on explain how it even if you think morals are relevant, which is what happens if morals get to be established autonomously, but the fact that there are any morals and ethics at all are proof of an absolute moral law giver. But that will have to be another post, for another day.

~ #TheRationalRedhead ~

Red Pill Religion: Orwellian Nightmare Fuel Shows Antitheists Are Enemies of Human Rights

Ideological capital-A Militant Atheists on Non-Sequitur Show have recently made it plain that they are the enemies of religious people and their children. And the Enemies of Free Thought and Free Expression. The question we must entertain, as religious people, or those who at least respect religious people: is the Atheist movement truly an enemy to Western Civilization?

Totalitarian Thought Police Nightmare Fuel on Non-Sequitur Show

Time points we plan to hit:
39:20-40:00 His Anti Theism and Morality

40:10-40:55 Religion is old therefore it has no moral authority

1:01:18- 1:01:49 Children are pyschologically abused by religious indoctrination

1:02:10- 1:02:42 Religion is a problem not Atheism

1:07:41 – 1:08:18 Religion limits humanities potential and don’t need to put ourself under divine rule and we at this point can lead our own path and it is dehumanizing to suggest that we can’t carve our own path.

1:12:31-1:13:08 Creating a society without religion

1:21:13- 1:21:59 Liberal religiousity strengthens harmful religiousity

1:22:38- 1:22:58 Modern Feminism and Islam dominating it

Atheist Mr. Dapperton calls out Nightmare Fuel as Potential Predator: