Red Pill Religion: Why Godlessness Poisons Everything

Atheism leads to ugly art, ugly architecture, poetry that does not scan nor rhyme, music without harmony or melody, paintings that look like deranged inkblots, and, most of all, boring, negative, preachy, smug, terrible novels and short stories. Why is this?

Sci Fi Wright:

L. Jagi Lamplighter (Mrs. Wright):

The Conflict Between Max Kolbe and Some Anti theists

Max has had some heated conflicts with members of the Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist community. Yet as he’s been trying to get nicer, attacks grow stronger. Perhaps it’s time for everybody to cool out and understand each other better. Orthodox Defender gives his take on the conflict, and seems reasonable to us!

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Red Pill Religion falsely accused of homophobia

Red Pill Religion has been accused of being “anti-gay” and of believing “gay” and “pedo” are the same thing. This is a lie on multiple levels. Red Pill Religion believes that people who self-identify as “gay” should be treated with respect as human beings. We believe pedos are dangerous and need to be put where they can’t hurt children. Max Kolbe, the founder of Red Pill Religion, is a survivor of Catholic-hating atheists in the secular school system who were pedos. He has had gay friends his entire adult life. Such smears are beneath contempt and get no further comment.