#MHRM: Daniel Dannyboy Perrins Suicide Awareness Wrapup & Feminist Madness

Veteran Men’s Human Rights Advocate Daniel Perrins has finished his annual walk to raise awareness of suicide homelessness and other male issues. Join him with fellow MHRA Jim Wilcox and Max.

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Red Pill Religion: Men’s Rights and Janice Fiamengo #MHRM

Professor Fiamengo did her doctoral thesis on feminism and is now an ex-feminist. From her position as a university professor she finds herself at odds with the establishment regularly. Come hear her story and hear about her new book, Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say!

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Why do we focus on Harms against Women?

By: Patanjali

Why do we focus on Harms against Women? Violence Against Women and related phenomena? Rape of Women – by Men? Here are some explanations:

A. Missing White Woman Syndrome:

“Missing white woman syndrome is a phrase used by social scientists[1] [2][3] and media commentators to describe the extensive media coverage, especially in television, of missing person cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls.[4] The phenomenon is defined as the media’s undue focus on upper-middle-class white women who disappear, with the disproportionate degree of coverage they receive being compared to cases of missing women of other ethnicities and social classes, or with missing males of all social classes and ethnicities.[5][6]”


B. “The Women Are Wonderful Effect”.


The idea pretty clear in the wikipedia page. But the implications are deep. For example, for every crime done by women there is a good reason for it. For any harm women do we must understand and empathize with them. For any punishment meted to women, it should be less than for men. For any harm done by women, it is given less coverage than when done by men.

In detail, here are examples:

1. Women pedophiles are given less harsh treatment.

2. Women get lighter prison sentences. You may recall in Texas Karla Faye Tucker was executed by Bush. Everyone recoiled in horror because it was a woman. Gasp!!!

3. Violence against women vs violence against men. The former is an atrocity (TM) and the latter is trivial.

4. Rape! Nothing bad should ever happen to women. Especially to white women! But other humans??? Fuck em.

High Prevalence of Sexual Victimization Detected Among Men; Similar to Prevalence Found Among Women in Many Cases

5. Rape Culture!!! College is a haven for Rape Culture (TM). Because Patriachy! Yet most teen gang rapists are girls.


6. Protect our girls!!! And our boys?? Who gives a shit? Stop sidelining the real issues!!!

7. Domestic violence against women is bad! Especially when it happens to celebrities! But the reality? Who cares when the feelings of white women are at stake??


Now it would be simple to say, aha! This must be The Matriachy (TM) instead of The Patriarchy (LLC). But that would be being as dumb as Feminists. No. This all arose from civilization. And civilization arose from evolution. But the hypocrisies have become astoundingly apparent. Thankfully for our sons the Feminist house of cards is crumbling before us like the name implies. Basic data and questions instead of the all important feelings of straight white women.

How To Publish and Sell Science Fiction in the 21st Century

Science Fiction is a wasteland of Politically Correct, croney-laden publishers. Most self-publishing solutions generation nothing. How do you sell books in the early 21st Century? Join professional writers Brian Neiemeier, Russell Newquist, Nick Col, and John C. Wright as we discuss navigating Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing in 2018!

Nick Cole, Author Actor Adventurer


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Friday Night Red Pill Religion: Deflating Atheism, Max, and Nonsequiturs

Join Max, Deflating Atheism, and others to talk about bad history and abuse stemming from the Atheist community–and those trying to fix it.

Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler

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Planned Stream: Science Fiction Writers Talk About Publishing in the early 21st Century!

Science Fiction is a wasteland of Politically Correct, croney-laden publishers. Most self-publishing solutions generation nothing. How do you sell books in the early 21st Century? Join professional writers Brian Neiemeier, Russell Newquist, Nick Col, and John C. Wright as we discuss navigating Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing in 2018!

Be sure to tune in and join us on Sunday the 17th at 9pm US Eastern!

Max & John C. Wright: Spiritual Experiences, Are They Mental Illness or Stupidity?

Countless people have had paranormal and supernatural and spiritual encounters. Is it appropriate to assume they’re all mentally ill, deluded, simpleminded, or delusional? Max and John C. Wright discuss.

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Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Nobel Prize Winning Biochemist Kary Mullis

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Machiavelli Quote: ““It may be, however, as certain philosophers maintain, that the air is peopled with spirits who by their superior intelligence foresee future events and out of pity for mankind warn them by such signs so that they may prepare against the coming evils.”

The Ghost of Caesar:
This is the Shakespeare version:

Enter the GHOST of Caesar
How ill this taper burns!—Ha, who comes here?
I think it is the weakness of mine eyes
That shapes this monstrous apparition.
It comes upon me.—Art thou any thing?
Art thou some god, some angel, or some devil
That makest my blood cold and my hair to stare?
Speak to me what thou art.

Thy evil spirit, Brutus.

Why comest thou?

To tell thee thou shalt see me at Philippi.

Well, then I shall see thee again?

Ay, at Philippi.

People waste time debating why Shakespeare added that scene. He added it because it was the part of the recorded history.

Here is Plutarch, from chapter 46 of his LIFE OF BRUTUS:

“Once, accordingly, when he [Brutus] was about to take his army across from Asia, it was very late at night, his tent was dimly lighted, and all the camp was wrapped in silence. Then, as he was meditating and reflecting, he thought he heard some one coming into the tent. He turned his eyes towards the entrance and beheld a strange and dreadful apparition, a monstrous and fearful shape standing silently by his side. Plucking up courage to question it, “Who art thou,” said he, “of gods or men, and what is thine errand with me?” Then the phantom answered: “I am thy evil genius, Brutus, and thou shalt see me at Philippi.” And Brutus, undisturbed, said: “I shall see thee.”

Red Pill Religion: Bionic Dance’s “A Logic Lesson for Atheists and Christians”

The Grand Old Dame of YouTube Atheism, Bionic Dance, has some logic for us. We give her some logic back. A good time should be had by all!

Bionic Dance shows us her logic skills

Time points:
3:03-3:49 talks about Christianity and fornication
3:50-4:50 talks about missing the mark having a “black and white”understanding of Christianity
4:57-6:00 compares the religious/atheist argument to a court case
7:05-7:47 basically talks about God’s “morals”
9:01-9:40 strawmans missing the mark saying he won’t say why his side is right
9:42-10:00 basically saying she doesn’t think atheism isn’t correct, that region hasn’t proved anything to her